Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The farewell post..

This farewell post comes with a special, sentimental below-par short story and an inside view of what went wrong with the author as the foot-in-mouth disease strikes again.

So finally we're done with our farewell. And like any other fellow batchmate, I'm finding it real hard to believe that we'd be leaving this place pretty soon. Farewell was nice with good food (although we'd have loved to eat first). Nice speeches by IV and Mangla kept me awake. (FYI I've slept for only 3 hours since Sunday morning 6:00 AM) The entertainment part was also well thought of, with the opening act by our very own Zulu. And the best thing was, we gave him a standing ovation! He seriously deserves it although I hate compilers which might be quite evident from some of my primitive posts :D

Anyhoo we then started gorging on the leftovers and moved on to the informals session. By now I was becoming grouchier. However all the shouting helped me stay normal until my name was called out for the "Uchit award for the coolest one" But cool that I am, I did not press the panic button yet.. :P And then they called me on to give the speech. I thought I was supposed to give the speech at the very end of the program and so had prepared a sentimental speech. But none of the guys were ready to handle any sentimental crap and so I decided not to dish out the senti, mushy stuff. In fact I am glad I did not end up like Aditya/Goyal :P

So moving on to my short story.. I guess I've built up enough suspense.. :D

Bidding adieu

It was time. As he tried restraining himself from crying, he couldn’t help letting a few tears flow down his cheeks. There was a time when she had made life hell for him - especially the last minute assignment deadlines. Fassttt, she’d scream. But right now all he could remember was the good times they spent together, the fun he had when he was around her, all the new people he got to meet because of her and the night-outs they spent trying to compensate for the sleeping hours in the early morning classes.

As some more tears managed to break free from his eyes, he found it tougher coming to terms with the reality. He wanted to go back into the past. Not because he was unhappy with the present but because he wanted to go through it again. He did not mind the pain and suffering because in the last 4 years, she had made a man out of him. He could never forget her – he could never forget IIIT and how in turn, she had become an integral part of him. Forever.

PS: Now THAT is a short story :D
PS1: I am senti.. I need sleep. Period.
PS2: Travel plans hang by a thread. All 90 odd of us have to travel on RACs all the way to Delhi. Now that's going to be one fun-ride. Especially after having done a nightout now.. I am sleepyyy.
PS3: Results are going to be out on 21st April. And we reach Kullu manali on 21st. I am going to be "comfortably numb". (Assuming I convert)
PS4: meow meow poonakutti.. :D
PS5: I need sleep. Time to start for the batch trip. Adios people. And wish me luck for my IIM results! :D
PS6: IIM-A.. here I come.. :D

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The one with the lethal milk shake

And so we decided to go out to eat. Again. This time around since none of us wanted to travel too much, we decided on Punjab Rasoi (Gachibowli crossroads) And once we were done with our dinner, Mr.D and I were in no mood to pack up and so we ordered two harmless, chocolate milk shakes with ice cream. And after what seemed ages, we were given two harmless, chocolate milk shakes with ice cream. Or so it seemed! Because as I continued drinking my harmless, chocolate milk shake with ice cream, I found a piece of glass in my not-so-harmless-anymore, chocolate milk shake with ice cream!

Now no one messes with my food, especially milk shakes! I was pissed that I found the glass piece before I could finish my milk shake. I had not realized the gravity of the situation then. But after sufficiently provoked by others, we decided to screw the staff. We asked for the staff-manager and once he prostrated before us, we blasted him properly. We were hoping that he'd argue or at least defend himself so that we could have a gala time screwing him more but instead he accepted that he was at fault. It was as if we had hit a dead end.

But the others were in no mood to give up already. We took the fight to the hotel manager blaming them for such irresponsible, unprofessional attitude. Now before we move on with the story, I was under the impression that we were supposed to create a scene and get out without paying a single penny. Coming back to the story, we had already started creating a scene with the other customers giving us curious glances. (At first I thought it was the haircut. But come on now.. its not THAT weird!)

Soon, the manager started eyeing us with fear and came straight to the point. He agreed to let us go without paying any money. And just when I thought that we had accomplished our mission, Mr.N says "Money is not the matter. Do you think we want to eat for free? No no.. we'll pay the bill. Money is not the matter here." And then I went blank. It was as if I had woken up after a 3 month coma. Money was not the matter? What was he thinking?! By now all of us had gone blank. Including the manager. Because now he did not know what we wanted. We ourselves did not know why we were still arguing with him. Finally we ended up paying him the total bill minus the cost of two harmless, chocolate milk shakes with ice cream like good samaritans. So near.. yet so far! :(

Quote of the day:
Sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation.

PS1: I'm going through the most horrid phase of insomnia that every insomniac fears. The phase where you cant sleep even in classes.
PS2: I tire myself to exhaustion. I overeat. I go to library to induce sleep. But nothing seems to work! Now how frustrating is that..
PS3: Damn the OBC quota rule. Now even the IIM results are postponed!
PS4: People, pay the batch trip money. And the t-shirt money.
PS5: It rained today! And we played rugby in the lawn. It was fun getting drenched in the rain. I cant remember the last time I got drenched in rains.. Such a great feeling! :D
PS6: Got drenched again while going out to eat. I was wearing a full shirt and chinos! Now how worse can it get? Yeah.. if I had worn jeans.. phew! But still, getting drenched.. such a disgusting feeling.. >:P
PS7: Yeah.. I am self-contradictory.
PS8: One testimonial still pending. Do I love playing mind games or what!? :P I can hear Mr.Abbulu swearing at someone.. I wonder who.. hmm.. :-?
PS9: Spam people.. SPAM!!
PS10: Watched deja vu. Found it rather dry in the first hour. And then it seemed interesting. A decent movie on the whole. Not to mention, a happy ending.
PS11: Who is going to explain me globalization?
PS12: ManU-AS Roma 7-1!! Unbelievable! Are we looking at another repeat performance of 99.. :D

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Saturday, April 07, 2007


Spot 5 differences and win exciting prizes! Please SMS JOBLESS "your answers" to 8778.

Moving on to something totally unrelated, finally I went for a hair cut. And I dont regret it. Of course I do weigh a few hundred grams lesser now, but then I guess it was worth it. No wonder I've been feeling light-headed lately.

So finally ug2k3 performed again in Amalgam - now known as Splash. We gave quite a terrific performance. And as expected, Inam's dance and speeches from Bushi and IV proved to be crowd-pullers. T3 took care of the hip-hop quotient. At the end of the day, we as ug4, fulfilled our responsibility of setting high standards for the coming years. Overall quite a nice and satisfying experience.

Tried writing a couple of short stories but somehow I am not very satisfied with my effort. So wont be posting the stories. I just am not able to put to words what I have in mind. I guess I need to get back to reading - full time.

Went to attend a friend's engagement at Green Park. Nice decent food. Nice company. Had lots of fun pulling legs.

And the farewell got postponed again! This time to 16th of April. And we finally got our batch T shirts made which in itself is a big achievement considering the notorious reputation our batch has. The yearbook deadline has also been postponed.

Have been playing cricket early in the morning. Its fun! WC without India is so boring. Speaking of boring stuff, exams have begun. And as is the tradition, people have been getting quite bored.
But there are a few specimen who are putting their heart and soul towards preparation. Frustrated souls! :P BTW what in the name of holy cow is a Jayanth quantiser?

I just cant wait for my IIM results. Although I am quite optimistic of making it to A, somewhere deep down in my heart I am not very confident of getting through. Is this what they call last minute jitters? Lets hope not. Quite a few have been getting their university results as well. Tipo has got his first admit. Fauji and Goyal got theirs quite some time back. And of course even our director, YarG has got an admit into Arizona university. Hopefully some more make it through.

Quote of the day:

You justify your existence by being sarcastic. That is what all people think about you.

- V.V. Harish Baba's comments on me.. :D

PS1: Summer is unbearable.
PS2: Need to blog more often.
PS3: I'm done writing everyone's testimonials except for one. I am getting good at this.. :D
PS4: Get this feeling that somehow there is very little bonding in our batch. I guess most of them are yet to realize that they'll be leaving everything behind soon.
PS5: Hajime no Ippo has become one of my all-time favourites. I recommend it to one and all! :D
PS6: This is the end!

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