Saturday, July 28, 2007

The long overdue post..

Well, I finally get down to writing this long overdue post. So much has happened since the last post that I am wondering how to put it all in words. It is this overwhelming feeling which cannot be expressed so easily. Anyways, moving on to the actual post, lately I have been thinking a lot.. about some of the burning problems that we face in our day to day life like global warming, deforestation, and how I dont have enough time to have more than 2 dosas at breakfast! Yes, life has been a blur lately. Its been a month although it doesnt seem so.

Amidst surprise quizzes and assignment deadlines, my birthday was celebrated on the night of July 13th. The funny thing about this whole episode was, my friends almost forgot and were reminded at 1:00 AM. Typical of any birthday celebrated at K, I was treated to a generous dose of cakes, milk shakes, ketchup, vinegar, soft drinks etc. Yes, it was an exotic concoction and it was smothered all over my face and head. Pictures were taken but I am not going to post it on the blog for obvious reasons. I was also kicked until I was on the verge of crying, but overall a very memorable affair.

And as most of you must be knowing by now, we had a small photo shoot. We were dressed in our business suits. And for a change I looked level-headed, more adult-like and ready to become a manager. In fact, once we received our pictures, I could not believe I could look like that! I guess self-realization is one of the few things which one attains after reaching a B-school.

Lately, the amount of work that's been piling up has been increasing exponentially. For example, I've been typing this post for the past 4 days but somehow or the other, something crops up and I'm forced to leave the post incomplete. So I guess I'll just publish the damned post now instead of shelving it for the future. Why do I sound frustrated? hmmm..

PS1: I think I just slept through my convocation.
PS2: Midterm exams from next week. Hardly prepared.
PS3: Is Halley really getting married.
PS4: I want to be at IIIT so badly now.. :(
PS5: I also want to graduate! :(( I always thought it was fun wearing those ill-fitting gowns and throwing the caps in the air. sigh!
PS6: Hot news! Our ex-president, APJ Kalam has accepted to be a part of visiting faculty at IIIT-H! Now.. now.. NOW.. things will get interesting! :D
PS7: The next guy who is going to ask me a reason for my absence from the convocation is going to get it big time!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

About klasses and other things..

Classes at K are a very interesting mix. There was a time when I used to hate attending classes but over here, the classes are so interesting and interactive, that you cant help but sit up and take notice. Be it our accounts prof's wry sense of humour - not to mention the poker face he maintains when he cracks some of the funniest jokes - or our marxist STI prof's hard hitting statements; attending classes is a completely different experience.. its fun! :D

But the past one week has been kind of depressing and hectic. Classes.. presentations.. case studies.. case analysis.. quizzes.. surprise quizzes and many more! I have not slept for more 4-5 hours a day. And the worst part is, you cannot sleep in classes which is quite contrary to what I was practising during engineering. Especially after having been inert for the past 4 years, it is tough to again get back into the "Study-till-I-drop-dead" mode. Anyhoo, apart from academics, we've been treated to 3 parties so far since our induction - our hostel party where we had some social interaction with our seniors, our fresher's party where we had our inter-section competitions and a special "gult" party for people from AP. And believe me, all parties were fun and acted as stressbusters. I guess they make you have fun during the weekends so that you are ready to get screwed during the weekdays. Nice logic! :D

We also had an inter-batch TT competition for which we had selections for the top 4 players from our batch. Although I did get selected to the top 4, we could not put up much of a fight to our seniors, some of who were state level players! Of course, yours truly put up a much better fight than some of his peers. *A rare moment when I get to bask in some limelight* :D In other news, I have applied for the college placement committee. The present members of placecom have assured us that we'll be faced with humungous tasks and would have little time for other recreational activities. Another chance to learn time management! :D

We've got interest groups for almost every sector (like marketing, finance etc.) which are headed by students. And what is impressive is, most of the clubs and interest groups have a very professional way of doing things. They have the kind of charisma which one would normally associate with hotshots. I might seem to be exaggerating but you need to feel it to believe it. Its awesome!

And finally after having delayed for quite sometime, i present this post written on June 17th, 2007. Almost a month.. shucks! I need to blog more frequently.. :-<

The day when it did not rain..

As written on June 17th, 2007.

@11:30: yay! Its sunny outside! :D

@14:00: Its a little cloudy.. :-s

@14:30: We decide to go visit the Kappad beach.

And so we did visit the Kappad beach. And before I go ahead with the narration - our seniors had warned us that it was a gay beach. But since we were a huge group, we were bold enough to go ahead with the trip. It was an awesome experience. Some of the girls also joined us. There were around 40 of us and we had loads of fun.

At first, we were quite cautious not to go very deep into the water so as to not wet our clothes. And then one of us slipped and got drenched. And slowly, one by one, we got rid of our common sense and went deep into the water to get drenched. And those who resisted were taken forcibly and drowned in the water until they got fully drenched. The description might look barbaric, uncivilised and unfit for future IIM students, BUT it was fun! :D We did take a few pics with waves lashing against rocks in the background, but then I dont have them right now. So probably one of us might put it in his orkut albums. It is yet to rain.. :D Now thats rare!
PS1: Lately, there have been patches in the timeline when it doesn't rain. Yippee! :D
PS2: Gave a presentation today on meeting etiquettes. Sounds boring but somehow managed to make it interesting and had the class laughing as well! :D
PS3: People here are usually serious and hence getting a few people laugh requires a huge effort.
PS4: My first nickname @ K - The C-KID! *echoes* :D
PS5: As I mentioned in my earlier post, most of my classmates look like uncles. And hence the nick.. :( But surpisingly I've learnt to carry the name quite well.. :D
PS6: There are two kinds of people in our batch - bloody freshers.. and bloody corporates!
PS7: My oft used quote lately - Be it jail or hostel, khaana time mein mil jaata hai! :D
PS8: Leaving for dinner. Hope its chole bature! :D

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