Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Move over, elevator speech!

Have you ever felt a strong spiritual connection with someone - especially when your peeing cycles are synced to the T? I did. And it is one of the weirdest things one can encounter in an office atmosphere - especially if you're stuck with the same guy for the entire day. It's almost freaky when it happens five times a day!

Urinals are a place to catch up with acquaintances; a break from routine. And this is one of the instances when your company is decided on a random basis - as if God just threw a seven and put you on the urinal next to the CEO! You'd especially be unlucky if the activity has been pending for hours and you cant just run away without completely relieving yourself for two whole minutes. As if this were not enough, you'd be pestered by this awkward urge to keep your superiors entertained with small talk. "Hi John! Doing good?" *stares on the other side to avoid the Peeping Tom perception* Very awkward.

This is where the most uncanny of the resemblances kicks in - the resemblance with the concept of elevator speech. Who knows - this could very well be the next big management concept that takes the world by storm. I can practically envision workshops being conducted to practice and hone your urinal speeches!

Tips for the perfect urinal speech - needs to be less serious, more entertaining and hand gestures will definitely not go down well. And I mean it, literally!
NOTE: To the best of my knowledge, the concepts discussed in this post are applicable to only guys. Need the opinions of a subject matter expert to validate the same for the ladies

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