Monday, September 24, 2007

India and the T-20 WC

India vs England:
In your face, Freddie Flintoff.. next time, try keeping your trap shut.

India vs SA:
In your face, Justin Kemp.. running as if we wont get direct hits! Sometimes we do.. :D

India vs Aussies:
In your face, Aussies! Look who just choked!

Never did I think that a day would come when we'd outclass SA in the fielding department.
Never did I think that a day would come when the Aussies would choke against us.

The inaugral edition of ICC champions trophy- we defeat the best in the business (the Aussies and the South Africans) with a bunch of young cricketers. Yuvraj, Kaif and Zaheer shot to stardom. Now forward 7 years into the future. Just when things were slightly bleak, we do it again. And this time, again, it is equally sensational. As a feeling of deja vu seeps in, I cant help but feel apprehensive about the final. The Pakistanis must be waiting for revenge but as long as we get a fitting finale, I dont mind. Who am I kidding? Chak de India!

PS1: By the way, I still am not a huge fan of cliches.
PS2: Went to IIIT campus. Did you know that OBH has been recently painted?! It looks very different! The campus looks a lot greener though
PS3: Saawariya title song is nice.
PS4: The finals are being screened here at the auditorium! :D K rocks anyday!!
PS5: Time for the finals! adios! And fingers crossed.. :-ss :D


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The accident..

It started off with a jolt; felt as if everything was coming to an end as the horn kept blaring in the background. I kept swearing until I fell off my seat. It seemed like an “AXN – scariest videos” moment. I thought we were falling off a cliff. I was on all fours by now and I knew that it was just a dream and that nothing more would happen – or so I believed until 2 drops of blood fell on my hand. Alarmed, I tried getting up but this time again the whole bus started tilting to one side. Immediately I went down again. Now I was pretty sure that we were hanging on the edge of the cliff. The horn was still blaring. I wanted to call up home but I was not able to move my left arm. So many things were flashing in my mind.

Someone was swearing very loudly. He seemed to be in pain. I tried getting up again and this time I had no problems. I realized that I was completely disoriented earlier. Amidst all the chaos, I just found the nearest empty seat and sat down with my head tilted backwards to stop the bleeding. I was completely shaken up as one of my friends continued screaming his lungs out asking all of us to evacuate the bus. Most of us were clueless, and I could hear some girls groaning. My legs and nose were hurting badly – I desperately wanted to cry out loud. But I guess I just did not want to add to the decibel levels. As I tried getting off my seat, a pain shot up my right arm. But I was able to move it – it was not a fracture, thankfully.

I went to check on my friend who was sitting 2 seats away. He had broken his toe nail. It was hanging by the tiniest scraps of skin. He seemed to be least worried though – he wanted to know how the others were. And that particular moment- that was the first time in months that I felt like a kid. I guess not everyone is gifted with maturity. As I moved towards the front portion of the bus, I witnessed some gut-wrenching scenes which would be etched in my memory for quite some time.

Later we were told that the driver had dozed off during the journey and had rammed into a truck which was parked by the roadside. Quite a few suffered multiple fractures. I thanked my lucky stars as I escaped with a few cuts and bruises. We made it to airport just in time to catch our respective flights. Everyone was pretty disturbed by the turn of events. As soon as I landed in Hyderabad, I was relieved.

And I had not yet called up home and told them about these things. It makes sense not to tell them over phone because they’d be worried sick. But then, if you get this feeling - that you’re going to die all alone without any of your near and dear ones by your side, your brain gets all messed up. After reaching home, I showed them (not to be confused with showed off!) the wounds and told them calmly what happened. I think dad was proud of me acting all grown up; mom was slightly worried and wanted to get me a tetanus shot! I guess all moms are like this – this is what makes them so lovable! :D

PS1: I’ve been having these kinds of dreams since childhood – I fall from skyscrapers and cliffs and err.. I just keep falling. Nothing happens!! :-??
PS2: This is not a short story. It occurred last Friday on the Mysore highway at 4:30 AM.
PS3: No casualties. We all were quite lucky.. :)
PS4: Returning on Sunday evening.
PS5: Whole schedule got messed up.. :(
PS6: And I am blogging from home! :D More on the same in my next post.


Thursday, September 13, 2007


He was trying very hard not to let go but then.. suddenly, they seemed to weigh a ton each. This is just a phase - he repeated to himself. Soon I'd get over it and they'd go back to being weightless. But he knew that was not true. His willpower was being tested and he was not ready to give up that easily.

He started counting. 1.. 2.. He hung on but slowly his resolve began to crack as he started losing focus. 3.. 4.. He started counting faster. 6.. 7.. He wanted to fight it; 8.. he shook away all the remaining lethargy and concentrated but he could not hold them back long enough as the shutters came crashing down like the twin towers. Suddenly the whole world seemed to come to a standstill and silence prevailed. So did peace.Until someone poked him from the side.

He knew it. It was inevitable - the nightout had taken its toll. He wanted it all to be a dream but it refused to go away. Unwillingly, he opened his eyes to find the Microeconomics professor giving him one of those "gotcha" stares as she repeated, "Please dont sleep in my class. I am not going to take his name, but dont sleep in the class" And all this while she was staring at him without looking away. Talk of subtlety!

As the whole class started grinning, realization dawned upon him (which would later take him to exotic places with voluptuous women on either side.) He no longer cared! As a smile spread across his face, he turned to his neighbour and quipped, "That was the best nap I ever had!"

And since then, the count has not moved past 8.


PS1: This story was based on a true life incident. Yes, I was caught sleeping in the ME class. However this is just half the story. The better half of the story, I'm afraid, will be kept under wraps. :D
PS2: Seriously that was the best nap I ever had.
PS3: Exams are over! woo hoo!! :D
PS4: Never been so eager to go back home. Hyderabad, here I come!
PS5: Respected Flyovers, please dont collapse.. :-s
PS6: Slept for only 5 hours in the last 48 hours! :(
PS7: Screwed up almost all my exams. I really think I am not cut out for studying. Lets see how things go in term 2.
PS8: Last post in term 1.. :D
PS9: Did you know that cobras are hunted by raptors, mongoose and mallu security guards of D hostel?
PS10: Yay! Two posts spaced out so closely. Long time since I posted so frequently.. :D

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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Feast your eyes!

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you.. pictures of God's own IIM!

Early morning view from the valley facing rooms..


The Amphitheatre

The thinking point

The Sunset

PS1: None of these pics were taken by me. I've been downloading them from different people thanks to DC++. (Yes, we've got dcpp!)
PS2: Have been very busy with this! Do visit it.. its our institute's blog.
PS3: I never knew before that the RTI Act can be misused.
PS4: I am supposed to be studying for my end sem exams which begin tomorrow. Unfortunately, the motivation to study has disappeared! :(
PS5: Make a mental note of this fact: The Indian cricket team flatters to deceive.
PS6: I'll be reaching Hyderabad on 14th of this month! Excited!! :D
Country roadss.. take me home.
PS7: People have stopped spamming ug2k3 list. I guess everyone has moved on.. :(
PS8: I wanted to blog about my daring feats :P but then.. time constraints have held me back. May be sooner or later..
PS9: I shall blog more often. I shall not fade out like other fellow bloggers! There, I've taken the vow.
PS10: Long time since I went blog hopping.. :( Some day.. some day.
PS11: It has almost ceased raining. Last night, it was so foggy outside that the lamps seemed to float in mid air! :D :D Awesome sight!

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