Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Interesting snippets about 2k3 celebrity students & SPAM on 200


It was overheard that henceforth Manish aka Pinky Jain shall be addressed as Mansih Karlapalem for his amazing ability of proof reading BTP reports and correcting them. Not only does he share a passion for technical writing, but he is also an equally well know workaholic!! [-( :D How pathetic, Mansih!! :P

YarG is working real hard towards his GRE score of 1560. He has stopped frequenting the labs and I heard people close to him saying that he seems to be a man obsessed. We wish you the very best of luck for your GRE exam.

IIIT footballing sensation, our very own Wayne Rooney, Nani is planning his second album release, controversially titled Sainikudu. I request all of you to give him moral support and see him through this.

In other news, Manto and friends are making a movie with YarG in the male lead and shamanth as the script writer!! Of course, Nani's singing for YarG. So much for a big star cast! It's also rumoured that Illeana has agreed to be the female lead, but we couldnt reach her for comments. And the aggressive Baba has been hired for stunts. But last heard, he got overboard and beat up YarG himself, which in turn resulted in riots in Mehidipatnam. It sure will be interesting when the movie releases. Hopefully, YarG doesnt let his fans down.

After spending days and sleepless nights, Tipo has finally released the zeta version of his software. He's running out of Greek letters to name the versions of his software :( People are requested to try it out and give him feedback. And by any chance if you do find any bugs (its improbable, but not impossible) please do report to him. And this is not a rumour. It is the truth.

The last time IV went to library was in 2004!! Can you believe it? :o BTW asr rocks in inferno! :D


Of late I've been getting too many spam mails on 200. But the kind of spam I get is puzzling! Take a look at this mail..

Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 10:37:45 -0480
From: Sherri Barajas
To: gokul@students.iiit.net
Subject: Lean and mean is in

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Another sample mail looks something like this:

How many times did you get unhappy after being shy to take off your clothes in a romantic moment? 0be`sity does not only affect the way you look and feel about yourself. It is also dangerous for your health, bringing plenty of health problems in a variety of spheres. And of course feeling shy to take off your clothes on a beach or in bed with your special one is so saddening.

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Check out the testimonials of happy customers, at our site:

Why do I, of all people, get this kind of spam! x(

PS1: Sysadmins are behaving like dictators. ftp ports have been blocked. Wireless LAN users cant connect to wired users through dc++. What the hell!??! x(
PS2: The month of November has begun. I screwed up the last mock. So its kinda scary and disappointing that something like this had to happen now. I'd be lying if I were to say tht I am neither tense nor nervous. :-s
PS3: 1 week to go for end sems. Yet to begin preparations! Another reason to be nervous and tense. :-s And the admit cards are here! #:-s
PS4: Bright spot. We are done with our final VIVA! And it was not such a big deal. I wonder why :-?
PS5: Another bright spot. Agni created history last sunday. Maximum number of extras conceded (55 extras!) Worst batting performance ever(43 all out!! =)) ) And also the biggest margin of defeat the IIITians have ever witnessed! (By 112 runs!! :o :)) ) And the biggest icing on the cake is that Vayu was the other team!! Agni lost to Vayu!! I have always considered myself an anti-agnian first and then a vayu-ian. And I am glad that I witnessed this spectacle before I had to leave the college. Very glad! In words of Barney, it was legen-DARY! :D
PS6: Another bright spot. We won dumb charades! I was the one doing the enacting and managed to keep my cool. Not a very convincing victory though. Could have done better, but blah.. who cares. We won! :D
PS7: Heroes rocks! And so does Hiro Nakamura.. I think. I wish I could travel through space and time :-<
PS8: Plan to write a CAT post after end sems. Hopefully. ALL ye readers of my blog.. yeah, the handful of you guys.. wish me luck! :-s
PS9: GAG's getting on the last of my nerves.
PS10: This is the end! :D


Friday, October 20, 2006


Ok people. This Diwali you can win exciting prices by giving witty answers in THE CAPTION CONTEST! You can also win early bird prizes. So what are you waiting for? Lets get started! Aapki suvidha ke liye.. I've given you sample captions for a few pics. So get creative.. get lucky! :D

BABA: Time to go for scoop #12

I'm full! C-c-cant get up.. :-s

aaarrghh.. this paparazzi never sleeps!

ghatham ghataha..
-Tipo pulling off a BABA stunt..
after finishing his 9th piece of naan!

Brand ambassadors of bhookh.com

Ok.. no one's looking. Move in for the kill!
- stealth.IV (another version of def.IV)

spotted near chicken biryani

We likes curd rice.. My preciousss..
- CAT DON aka Sid

To participate in this exciting contest, write your answers in the comments section. And based on public opinion, (apun-ich public hai!) the best answers will receive MS notebooks, writing pads and other stationery, courtesy our MS whiz kid IV. All pics were taken during the TA party held yesterday at Vilas Venue. More than 85 people attended and it was fun playing one of the hosts :D Thanks lova and other TAs who were mainly instrumental in piecing up the idea.

PS: Exactly 30 more days to go.. :-s


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Philosophy 1: blah..

Lately, I've experienced a myriad of emotions.. From utter confusion to downright depression. Not to forget the flashes of overconfidence. One moment I am analysing why it is so easy to give up. And the very next moment, I start wondering why it is so hard to not give up. Everything up here *points to his head* is in a mess. Somehow something doesnt feel right.

Throughout my life I've given up on many things. I've made compromises.. what they refer to as "settling for the second best". Compromised on my dreams. Aspirations. Ideals. Somehow it never made sense to me to give my best if I cant be the best. You work hard, give it your best shot only to realise that you missed out by an inch. Or sometimes for the worse, lesser. I was never gifted with this risk taking ability. I was always ready to settle for a compromise. It is so much more easier. Of course, this way you live a peaceful existence because you dont need to try hard and you are relieved that you've given up. A huge burden is off your shoulders. Why? Not because the fear of failure is banished.. its because the pressure to succeed is non-existent. Its a great feeling initially. I dont know how many of you have actually experienced it.

But then after some days, life becomes a drab. You just would be leading an aimless existence. As you wake up every morning, there's nothing exciting to look forward to. You want a goal.. to keep you motivated. And the taste of success after having fought against all odds.. just awesome :D Triumphing as an underdog.. when nobody expects a thing from you.. it is the greatest feeling on earth. And then you want to succeed each and every time you try. You either dont want to fail or dont want to try. This another-highly-haphazard post is going nowhere..

BTW my CAT application has been accepted.

Quote of the day:

As long as I have a want, I have a reason for living. Satisfaction is death.
George Bernard Shaw

PS1: I got kicked :(( And Raja acted like a wimp. He chickened out whereas my calm demeanour took everyone by surprise :D But at the end of the day, I got to keep my honour and he got to keep his butt. GVK.. I'm gonna get you.
PS2: The hot water springs of New Zealand and the geysers of OBH, 1st floor are very famous for their continuous supply of hot water. Say, you want to wash your feet at 3:00 AM and for some reason you want to use lukewarm water (coz its friggin cold!) Geyser? Switched off.. aah.. Let the taps open.. and then out come fumes like the ones in the mad scientist-frankenstein type movies.. And then.. You start jumping around showing off your latest tap dance moves a la Tom in Tom 'n Jerry.
PS3: Lost in carrom and TT. But put up a very good fight. Especially the TT quarterfinals match.. it was the best match I've ever played although I ended up on the losing side. What I lacked in talent, I made up in strategy :D
PS4: Those who dont like philosophy, please skip the initial parts :D :P This might be a series of never-ending philosophical posts :-s My apologies for those who find it torturous.