Wednesday, March 28, 2007

IIM - C : The one with the blog..

And so the final installment of the IIM interviews is here. The C interview. From the very beginning I gave myself a good chance of making it to C because of the following reasons:
1. They do not give weightage to your academic record. Other IIMs do.
2. Of all the other IIMs, they are rumoured to give maximum weightage to the CAT score (something around 70% for a fresher) And your's truly managed a 99.89 percentile!!
3. My instincts said I'd get C hands-down.

Anyhoo, the panel consisted of 3 interviewers. Two of them were supposed to be faculty and the third an alumnus of IIM-C. P1, P2 and P3 are the interviewers. I do have a vague idea as to who was the alumnus guy but as most of you who attended the Splash must be knowing, "We stand for the truth.. ONLY the truth!" :P

P1 came outside and called me in. I entered the room to see the interviewers engrossed in a discussion. Couldn't overhear anything substantial. They asked me to take my seat and I thanked them in return.

P1: Good afternoon Mr. Srinivasan. How are you doing?
Me: I am doing great sir. Thank you.
P2: Good. Now tell me about yourself.
Me: blah blah..
P1: So your dad works in a bank. So you must be knowing quite a bit about the Indian Banking Industry.
Me: *oops.. wrong footed start.. Red Alert red alert!* hehe.. No sir. I wouldnt call myself very knowledgeable when it comes to the banking industry.
P1: Why? Your dad never talks about work with you?
Me: No sir. That's not it. There was a time when I wanted to get into the banking industry. When I was very young. However my dad said I was not suited to be in the banking industry.
P2: Do you mean that he found you unfit to get into the banking industry?
Me: No sir, I dont think he meant that. And possibly he made the statement in jest or a fit of frustration. And me not being suited for the banking industry was his personal comment and not my opinion.
P1: Ohh.. ok. So if not banking industry what are you good at?
Me: *assumed he was asking me in what field I was knowledgeable* Sir, cricket.
P3: What? You're good at cricket?
Me: *grins* No sir. I follow cricket passionately.
P3: I dont. So apart from cricket do you follow anything else passionately?
Me: *Tell orkutting.. tell orkutting. Oh will you shut up for heaven's sake!* Sir, I do blog quite often. I think I am a decent blogger. Apart from that..
P1: Ohh.. so you blog. What do you blog about?
Me: *tell IIM interviews. I want to see the look on his face! Will you shut up for heaven's sake!* err.. Cricket.
P3: Again cricket? *chuckles*
Me: *tell it goddammit!* IIM interviews? Philosophy.. personal experiences..
P2: IIM interviews? How many IIM interviews have you attended so far?
Me: *gulp* Four sir.
P1: Ohh.. so this interview also is going to be blogged about?
Me: *ohh yeah.. ab aaya na line mein* Possibly sir.. :D
P1: Then tell me the address of your blog.
Me: *Its url he's asking. Anyways just check* Sir, you mean the url?
P1: Yeah yeah
Me: *tells the url. Readers are also advised to take a look at the url*
P1: Ok.. We'll read your blog. That also will be included in your evaluation! Ok?
Me: *shit. I need to edit the posts. I've written something bad about the IIM-K professor! #-o* Sure sir.. :D
P1: Prodigal? Why do you think you're the prodigal iiitian?
Me: *Because every other url was blocked and I had this sudden flash of creativity* err.. Actually sir *Voila.. found the reason! My mind works faster than a computer when it comes to cooking up answers!* I think I am the prodigal iiitian because I've never utilized my full potential or say capability.. I've never had to use it. In other words, I think my best is yet to come! *And thats a home run!*
P1: Why do you think you've not put in your best effort?
Me: *Oh no its not a home run! :( * Well.. hmm..
P1: I meant something must have kept you from achieving your best. What is it?
Me: Sir. Possibly lack of competition or the urge to better oneself.. hmm.. In some cases it has been changing priorities.. err.
P2: Fine. So you must have blogged about your interviews. So you'll have a fair idea as to what we're going to ask you in the interview, right?
Me: Sir, it is my opinion that every interview is unique in its own way. Especially the IIM interviews. No two interviews can be same.. or for that matter of fact, even remotely similar.
P2: No, I meant a few questions might have reappeared in every interview, right?
Me: Yes, sir.
P2: So, can you tell us the 3 questions which have been asked to you by almost all IIMs? Something like frequently asked questions. FAQs!
Me: hmm.. One question which has been asked quite often has been the tell-me-about-yourself question.
P3: Yeah.. that's a standard question. Next.
Me: Apart from that I've been quizzed upon why my institute is the International Institute of Information Technology unlike the other IIITs which have Indian in their names.
P2: Oh.. ok. And the third one?
Me: hmm.. :-s *sheepishly* well.. they've been asking me why I've performed so averagely in my academics.
P1: *guffaws*
P2: What? what?
P1: *Tells the reason*
P1: So now tell me Srinivasan. Shall I ask you the FAQs or some totally unrelated questions?
Me: *Jackpot!! $$$$ It cant be so easy. Come on!* Sir, I dont think I should be in a position to decide which questions you ask me. But I dont mind the FAQs either. It's your call, Sir.
P1: Aah.. ok. This is what I am gonna do then. I'll ask you FAQs and some outside questions. 50-50. Ok?
Me: Fine sir.
P1: So tell me srinivasan, why did you perform averagely in academics? *starts laughing and points his finger in aha-I-gotcha mode*
Me: *wow.. one jovial professor he is! Nice.. :D Tells the reason*
P2: hmm.. But you said you live in Hyderabad. Why did you not go home?
Me: Sir, hostel accomodation is compulsory. Just like the IITs.
P1: Ohh.. ok. So tell me what is the growth rate of the agricultural and manufacturing industry?
Me: *hain?* Sir I am not very sure. But I think it is somewhere around 2.5 percent.
P1: 2.5? /:) Think and answer.
Me: I am not sure sir. I think its 2.5 err.. 4.5?
P1: Take a guess.
Me: 4% sir.
P1: And what is the growth rate of the manufacturing sector. I am asking you the growth rate and not anything else. You know what growth rate is, dont you?
Me: Yes sir. Growth rate.. hmm. I cannot recall it although I did come across it in a newspaper article.
P1: Take a guess. Is it 10%? 12%? 17%?
P3: Or 50%?
Me: No sir. Its not 50%. hmm..
P1: Take a guess!
Me: Probably 17%..
P1: Ok. Now whatever the growth rates are, there is a huge difference between the two growth rates. Right?
Me: yes sir.
P1: Why is it so?
Me: *thinks for a while* I think it is because of the overwhelming presence of private players in the manufacturing sector which tilts the favour..
P2: You think there are no private players in the agricultural industry?
Me: *oops!* err..
P2: Do you think the government of India.. or for that matter of fact the government of Andhra comes and tills the land? Tell me.
Me: Sir, I did not mean that. I guess it just slipped my mind. What I meant was the amount of investment..
P2: No you tell me first. Do you think there are no private players in agricultural industry?
Me: No sir. I was wrong. There are private players in agricultural as well as manufacturing industry. What I intended to convey was the amount of investment that flows into the respective fields..
P2: Yes. Now he accepts his mistake. So if investment comes in, then you can work on a larger scale and provide better quality which in turn leads to a bigger turnover which leads to a greater growth rate. Right?
Me: Yes sir. I intended to come to this explanation at the end.
P2: So you should explain it so clearly.
Me: Yes sir. I guess I was a bit too verbose.
P2: Yes!
P1: You must be thinking why is this person being so mean.. right?
Me: No sir. I think he is just trying to test how I think under stress. In fact my L interview was on the same lines.
P1: Ohh.. how was it?
Me: Sir, the interview was very intense. Questions came flying at a great speed. I had little time to think and answer. I guess that was the whole motive behind conducting such an interview.. to see how I react under pressure.. how I take stress.
P2: hmm.. anything else?
P3: Speaking of mean people, why do we have 3 means.. arithmetic mean geometric mean and harmonic mean? We can as well have one average.. a+b/2
Me: Sir, because they have different applications.
P2: Who has different applications? Which companies?
Me: Sir, by they I meant AM GM and HM have different applications.
P2: ho ho ho.. okk
Me: *Is it Christmas already?*
P3: So what are the applications of the 3 means?
Me: *Dammit.. however hard I try to avoid it, it keeps coming back!* Sir, I am sorry but I am not aware of it.. the applications. *Looks at P2 with a twinkle in the eye*

They exchange stares. Then they decide to put me out of misery.
P1: Ok Srinivasan. You may leave now. Just keep the door open
Me: Thank you sir.

I come out and people are like.. OVER? Already? You've been in there only for 12 minutes. I am like WHAT THE ****? Anyways so that was that. No one was asked any academics questions. At least none from our panel.

So after a gruelling month and half, I am done with all my IIM interviews! Hope I get into A.. [-o< I dont mind C either.. but I want to make it to A. Sudden urge.. dunno why! hmm..

Quote of the day:
All those who believe in psychokinesis.. Raise my hand!

PS1: Halley is back to blogging. Batch T-shirt looks good. And we rocked in Splash! Alright!! :D
PS2: Monday was one of the very few days when I've been very proud to be from ug2k3! :D ug2k3 rocks!
PS3: Yes, I got my hair cut and I do look funny. When you come to think of it, being a standup comedian isn't such a bad idea.. :D
PS4: The quote happens to be status message of Chandrachud who incidentally is a senior. Just trying to aknowledge the source.. Its pretty nice.. the quote! :D
PS5: And so the countdown starts. Final days at IIIT.. :(
PS6: Have been trying to compile a list of things-to-do-before-leaving-IIIT but I might be too late.. :-s
PS7: Avatar is good. Both season 1 and 2. Baba's making a big deal of getting drunk.. wonder why! :D ;)
PS8: Farewell around the corner.. *senti* Might come up with a senti post soon. MIGHT!
PS9: My friend Sivachandra is getting married. Congrats to him. Happy married life! Finally I'm invited to a wedding where my relatives wont pinch my non existent cheeks and ask me about my lineage.
PS10: ASR is bugging me for proxies! enna kodumai daa saami!! :((

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Requiem for Team India

And so it ends.. Of course, I've got people on my gtalk list with status messages like "Come on Bermuda, you can do it!" And I used to think I was the optimist! :D (There are people from the other end of the spectrum with their status messages like "Chappel and the BCCI heads should be murdered.") But one very important point we all are missing here is this:

Bangladesh is not team India..
Hence Bangladesh cannot lose to ANY team!

Now we all know how the Indian team works. I have been one of the most faithful fans of Indian cricket. And I still believe that India can win against any team; even Australia! And it goes without saying that India can lose to any team; even Bangladesh. Last WC was one of the most memorable world cups I've ever witnessed. (FYI I've witnessed 5 of them including the present edition) Everything went according to the script except the grand finale. This time around what I hoped could have been a fitting farewell to Sachin's illustrious career turned out to be a damp squib. And the icing on the cake - we're eliminated in the first round! Can't believe how France would have felt after they were eliminated by Senegal in FIFA WC 2002.

So where does this defeat leave the Indian cricket team now? In Trinidad! (It's a joke. The homes of the cricketers might not be standing over the weekend after the early exit. GET IT? aahh.. how I hate explaining my jokes) On a more serious note, I dont think we have a reason to be majorly disappointed. Yes, we've been knocked out. And this was a very hyped WC what with the experts telling how any team making it to the Super 8s had a chance of winning the coveted trophy. A billion hopes were pinned on a 15 man squad but then we have always been, as the records suggest, slow starters. And this WC did not give scope for us to get into the groove or as they say "adapt to the conditions" There is no reason to fret and fume and start burning their effigies. We've got better things to do - like burning err.. not their homes.. we've got politicians! Instead we, as true cricket fans (No Rakesh, I aint talking about you) need to take this defeat in our stride.

We cannot deny the fact that the Lankans played better cricket. Of course their batsmen were lucky not to lose their wickets to beautiful deliveries from Zaheer and co. And their bowlers were luckier to get wickets of bad deliveries! But Muralitharan's ploy of going around the wicket was brilliant. It was totally unexpected and the batsmen were left guessing. I think it was his secret weapon which he did not reveal in the earlier stages of the tournament thus catching us off guard. And the Lankans fielded like their lives were at stake. The passion or the fire in the belly, as one of my friends might choose to call, was missing in us. And finally the attitude and the mindset made a huge difference! I think the following paragraph taken from cricinfo speaks about the Lankan attitude.

Their captain Mahela Jayawardene also talked the talk. "Bangladesh did not meekly surrender to us," he asserted after Wednesday's wholesome victory, "we made them surrender." And if India "showed us a few things when we were in India, it is now our turn to show them." Few things excite the smaller nations of the sub-continent than slaying the big beast.

The only time I've cried was in 1999 - India vs Pakistan test match at Chepauk, Chennai. It was the match in which we faltered at the last hurdle in spite of Sachin's fighting century. But yesterday's defeat was much more shameful and tame. We deserved to exit in the first round.

This - my 100th post - is a requiem for team India.

PS1: Lets hope that we put up a better performance in the coming twenty-twenty WC which could possibly act as a redemption for the success-hungry cricket fans.
PS2: Footboarding on MMTS is unbelievably awesome! :D
PS3: SA get a pasting from the Aussies. I am rooting for SA since they've never won the WC before! :D
PS4: I hope Sachin is around for the next WC.. :(
PS5: I could hear my dad shout "Rascal!" when dada got out. Telepathic, huh?
PS6: Yes, we tamilians prefer rascal to other expletives. I wonder why.. :-??
PS7: Avatar is good. Chobits is decent.
PS8: When the whole IIIT is busy doing research and development, ug4 shall rehearse for the play! :P :D
PS9: Somebody gonna miss IIIT real bad.. :(
PS10: Rumours say some sardar mistook Bob Woolmer for Greg Chappel and strangled him to death :P
PS11: Ok. That was very insensitive of me.. :( But it was funny! Right? :D
PS12: I've lost 2.5 kilos over the past week. Guess my heavy heart isn't heavy anymore! ;))
PS13: "Pawar also cancelled a yacht party that he had planned to give the Indian team on April 3 in anticipation of their entry into the Super Eight stage." lollzz.. :D [Courtesy: cricinfo]
PS14: Next post might possibly be on my IIM-C interview.

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Monday, March 19, 2007

THE IIM-A interview

And here comes the third installment of the IIM interview series - my IIM-Ahmedabad interview. This was on March 7th. Nice sunny day it was. Anyways coming to the GD, it was very ordinary. The topic given was a case-study and we all had to write a summary at the end of it. I couldn't finish writing the summary in the allotted time. Then moving on to the personal interview, this time around we had a panel of 3. If I'm not wrong, one of them is from the industry or an alumnus and the other two faculty from IIM-A.

P1: A formal and sophisticated looking guy.
P2: Somewhat sporting and cool. Dressed in casuals.
P3: Dark guy with a French beard.

As I entered, one of the hotel staff was bringing in lemonades.
Before I completely drift from the topic, they asked me take my seat and as usual I wished them with my loud, somewhat cheerful customary "Good afternoon sir". They seemed to be in good spirits.
P1: Srinivasan. Srinivasan.S. huh?
Me: Yes, sir.
P2: Ohh Srinivasan. How tall are you?
Me: I am 6 feet tall, Sir.
P2: Just 6 feet?
Me: Yes sir.
P2: Exact? Because you seem taller.
Me: Thank you sir. (Didn't know what to tell.. :-??)
P2: Are you still growing Srinivasan?
(Now everyone starts laughing as if it is some inside joke.. I was slightly irritated but then was quick to retaliate once the laughter died down)
Me: Sir, I took a conscious decision to stop growing a couple of years ago.
(Now they were laughing louder and I also joined in.. :D)
P1: Ok, Srinivasan. So you must be doing your final year project. Can you explain it to us now?
Me: Sure, sir. Our final year project was based on he principle of..
P2: *interrupts* Dont mind if I interrupt but what do you mean by "was based on". You've stopped doing your final year project? *chuckles*
Me: No sir. Our director was of the opinion that students tend to slack off on the FYP front once they get placed. So he got it advanced by one semester so that people end up finishing their final year project.
P2: aahh.. nice! Please carry on.
[Explained the project. They asked me a few doubts and I answered them satisfactorily. Then they asked me to encrypt a C-program into another C program. And then some technical stuff followed which ended up with me confessing that I could not recollect the algorithm. They were fine with it.]
P1: Ok. fine. Can you tell us about your areas of interest?
Me: Sir, I am particularly interested in Cognitive Science. *explained what it was*
P1: *Not very impressed* So what other subjects interest you?
P2: You've done Linear Programming! Do you mind me asking you questions in it? *He was looking at my 7th semester projects*
Me: err.. I am not very comfortable with Linear Programming as a subject but I dont mind you asking me questions in it.
P2: Ok fine.. if you're not comfortable with it, then I wont ask you. Tell me any subject which you're comfortable with so that I can ask you questions on it. Maths - I?
Me: *NO WAY* hmm.. well..
P1: You must have some core computer science subject in which you're interested. Right?
Me: *yeah right!* hmm.. Can I take some time to think? *still twiddling my thumbs*
P1: Sure..
Me: *immediately* Sir, I am interested in Multi-robotics course. I did it in my 6th semester. *Explained the projects which I did. They grilled me. Understandably. And I answered pretty well, to the best of my knowledge. After explaining the constraint space coverage projects, they decided to stop and let the French beard guy take over*
P3: Srinivasan, huh?
Me: Yes, sir.
P3: You dont seem to have too many extra-curricular activities.
Me: *Are you kidding? I have ONLY extra-curricular activities!* Sir, I beg to differ. In fact I think I've mentioned that I am even part of our college theater group.
P3: Oohh.. so what do you do?
Me: Being the college theater group, we enact plays sir.
P3: No no.. I meant what do YOU do?
Me: *still confused* I act in the plays, Sir.
P3: No no.. apart from acting.
Me: *Now I am puzzled. I just cant say I do nothing. At the same time I can neither say that I direct plays. It would seem way too far-fetched* Sir, I helped my director choose costumes for all characters. *And then I felt like the most stupid soul on earth!*
P3: *chuckles* Ok. So are you going to write a paper on your final year project?
Me: Sir, my project partners.. 2 of them.. are right now working on it. And I also hope to work on it once I am done with all my IIM interviews.
P3: Ohh.. ok. So you are from Hyderabad?
Me: Sir, I was born in Coimbatore. Since my father works in a bank, I've travelled quite a lot. But right now we're settled in Hyderabad.
P3: Coimbatore. Ok.. So Srinivasan tell me.. what is the other name for Coimbatore.
Me: *I should have said Kovai.. but instead* Sir, err.. if I am not wrong, it is also known as Manchester of the South.
[Again everyone had a hearty laugh! Is there any catch here? :-??]
P3: So do you think we can still call it by the same name.
Me: *I tried explaining but then I realised that they were just fooling around and stopped before completing the answer*
P1: Thank you, Srinivasan. Take one chocolate from the tray. *It was a melody chocolate*
Me: *He was practically ordering me* Thank you Sir. Can I take two?
P1: Yeah sure.
Me: *Then I realised that if I take two, there wont be enough left for others.* Sir, if I take one more, there wont be enough left for others.
P1: What? Then you can't take two. *turns to P3* Ohh.. someone has already taken two. Now we're one short!
Me: Thank you sir. *leaves*

The interview revolved around my final year project. And a couple of topics I took in engineering. The panel was pretty cool with us not answering all questions. It was not a stress interview. They wanted us to relax completely which was quite unlike the L and C interview. Now, if I do get selected, I wonder on what basis they'd select me.. :D So overall a very ordinary GD and a somewhat-ok types interview. All I can do now is wait for the results to be out.. :-ss

PS1: India lost to Bangladesh! WHAT CRAP! And I actually saw the whole match.. not that I believe in miracles or something.
PS2: I am on the verge of breaking the testimonials record.. :D Have written quite a few but dont want to break it.. dont feel like writing any more.
PS3: Awesome day, today has been. So far.
PS4: Moving out of wordpress.. mostly to blogger again.
PS5: Woolmer passed away.. sad :( India better whip Bermuda's ass. Else Chappel would follow suit.
PS6: Cal GD was very bad. Interview was also somewhat ordinary. Dont know what to make out of such interviews.. :-??
PS7: Watched 5 minutes of Nishabd yesterday. Decided that I'd rather sit at room and whine than sit through the movie! That movie's only meant for senior citizens!! :P
PS8: The labels thing in blogger is cool! :D
PS9: People want me to go for the clean-shaven haircut a la Michael Scoffield! They've gone to the extent of bribing me! What do I do? What do I doo?? :-ss
PS10: BTW I made it to IIFT Kolkata.. So I have my backup secure! Of course I wont be joining IIFT. Only IIMs for me.. :D

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

My IIM - L interview..

So finally I get down to blogging my L interview! It's been almost 20 days since I've had my L interview. Anyhow getting down to business, the panel consisted of 2 IIM-L faculty, one lady and the other a gentleman. I was more polite than usual, since it was the Lucknow interview and the Lucknowis are known for their etiquettes (tehzeeb I think.. :-?) and stuff like that. So I wished them as soon as I entered and that, in a way, lightened the mood in the room.

P1: The gentleman ; P2: The lady
[I handed over my certificates as soon as I entered the room. So as they started going through my certificates, I was sitting there feeling awkward enough hoping someone would start the conversation.]

*And after what seemed a lifetime*
P1: International Institute? So everything is international about it? What is so international about it?
Me: *Retold the same IIM-K answer. And then the word reservations and merit slipped out*
P1: So what is your opinion about reservations?
Me: *Never gave my opinion. Spoke in general about how reservations were the right thing to do immediately after independence. Added that we should have removed them by now and even spoke about reservations based on economic status and how impossible it is to implement it practically. And how they can be misused as well, just like other reservations*
P1: hmm.. So your name - Shree.. Shreenivasan. What does it mean?
Me: *Explained it - sri stands for God and nivas stands for abode *
P1: So you mean to say God lives in you?
Me: Sir, thats what my name suggests.
P1: Do you mean to say that God doesn't live in me?
Me: Sir, I personally believe that irrespective of the fact whether I am named Srinivasan or not, God lives in me.. *pause* He lives in you.. He lives in each and every human being.
P1: *least affected and continuing from where I left* So what does this S mean.. your initial?
Me: Sampathkumar. S stands for my father's name.
P1: *offended*Mr. Sampathkumar. Ok? You should respect your father. It's wrong.
Me: *quick to apologise* I'm sorry sir. Mr. Sampathkumar.
P1: So you did not tell me your opinion on reservations.
Me: *Repeated the answer. But I think he wanted a more biased view and so..* I dont mind reservations as long as the general public is not adversely affected by it unlike what is happening right now. *Yes. I am dipomatic.*
P1: Do you know that you come across as a very selfish person? You dont want your interests to be harmed.
Me: Sir, I think you misinterpreted my answer. *Tried repeating the answer but he cut me short with the next question*
P1: Are you a denser?
Me: Pardon me sir? *I thought denser was a term used for people who are very verbose. Never wanted to write GRE because I'm bad with words. It comes naturally*
P1: Are you a denser? Do you dance?
Me: *I'm like #-o ohhhh dance!! Whats wrong with your accent? Not that we southies have a verrry good yaccent* No sir, I am not. *censored* Sir, I prefer listening to music and humming along than shaking my leg.
P1: What kind of music do you listen to?
Me: Sir, I like listening to soothing melodies.
P1: When was Kishore Kumar born?
Me: *Have I been in a time warp? Did I miss anything here? :-??* Sorry Sir, I am not aware of his year of birth. I am not a great Kishore Kumar fan.
P1: You tell me that you like listening to soothing melodies but you dont like Kishore Kumar?
Me: Sir I usually listen to tracks recommended by my friends. *I chose to play it safe because I did not know the date of birth of R.D.Burman*
P1: *still insistent* What do you listen to?
Me: *after some thought* Yanni's compositions.
P1: :| *Dammit! I should have seen Yanni's year of birth!*
Me: *voila!*
P1: What else do you listen to?
Me: Sir, since I am from Tamil Nadu, I listen to Illayaraja..
P1: *Still straight faced*
Me: Sir I also listen to A.R.Rahman's songs.
P1: *aha!* 1942 Love story music director was A.R.Rahman, right?
Me: No sir, if I am not wrong, it was the legendary R.D.Burman's last composition. Rahman made his debut with Mani Ratnam's Roja.
P1: *ahem* ok ok. Where was A.R.Rahman born?
Me: He was born in Tamil Nadu sir.
P1: Where did he give his last live concert?
Me: Sir in Mumbai. On New Year's eve.
P1: No no.. outside India.
Me: *caught unaware* Sir, he gives quite a few concerts outside India. He gave one in Dubai as well.
P1: When?
Me: As far as I can recall, it was in the year 2001, sir.
P1: When was MRF established?
Me: *Did I blackout in the middle? Shocked at the discontinuity* Excuse me, Sir?
P1: You know MRF?
Me: The tyre company sir?
P1: Yes. Do you know when it was established?
Me: No idea, sir.
P1: Ok, what is Bangladesh's currency?
Me: Taka, sir.
P1: Even in Bengal they keep telling taka taka. So is taka West Bengal's currency?
Me: Sir, even in Hindi, we keep telling "do take ka faayda nahi"
P1: So is taka West Bengal's currency?
Me: No sir. Since West Bengal is part of India, taka is not West Bengal's currency. Rupee is West Bengal's currency.

*Lady Takes Over*
P2: How do you see yourself two years from now?
Me: I see myself graduating with a PGDM from one of the IIMs.
P2: So are you going to graduate without a job?
Me: No ma'm. I'm confident of getting placed through the placement process.
P2: Where'd you prefer to join? Which company?
Me: Ma'm, it'd depend on my area of specialization..
P2: What is your area of interest?
Me: I'd be deciding that after my summer internship which I think will be at the end of my first year of PGDM. I think I'd be in a better position to decide it then..
P2: Say all companies want to recruit you, which one would you join?
Me: *I dont know which companies come for campus recruitments at L.* Ma'm, I'd consult my elders, my peers.. hmm... my FACULTY and then decide.
P2: Cant you decide a company NOW? You shouldnt act so indecisive.
Me: hmm.. well, it depends on how the industry scenario is, 2 years from now. Deciding now might restrict my options in the future.
P1: *interrupts* He doesn't need to decide now. *continues* You've performed miserably in your engineering.
Me: *didn't let him complete. Explained*
P1 looks at P2 hoping she continues..
P2: There is a petrol bunk in M.G.Road. Lots of people drive rashly in that area. I am very scared of crossing the road because of this. Now using your Linear Programming knowledge, propose a solution.
Me: *hain?* Ma'm a more down to earth solution would be to build a footover bridge.
P2: *interrupting* Then what about physically handicapped people? Dont you want them to cross the road. Put yourself in their shoes..
Me: *interrupting* Ma'm, one can use an inclined plane instead of steps so that the PH people dont have problems.
P2: *breathing space* No no.. I want you to use your linear programming knowledge.
Me: *Tried figuring out by constructing a few constraints and a vague objective function but before I could come up with something concrete she asked me to forget it*
P1: So you've done cost accounting.
Me: Yes, sir.
P1: What is Break Even Point?
Me: *Explained clearly.*
P1: Good. Now what is a flexible budget?
Me: *Never heard of it!* Sir, I've never come across the term in our course, but from the term I deduce it has got to do with a more flexible .. blah blah..
P1: One thing I like about you is even though you dont know the answers, you're answering the questions.
Me: *Is he being sarcastic? Only sarcasm can understand sarcasm. I'm thinking too much!* Thank you sir.
P1: haha.. you've done cost accounting and introduction to accounts and finance as well!
Me: *whats so funny?* Yes, sir.
P1: Define accounting.
Me: *Define??* *Explained the process of noting financial transactions which can later be used to make financial decisions for a company.. our clients. It can be used to decide the financial position of the company.. blah blah*
P1: How will you decide the financial position of the company using its balance sheet?
Me: Sir, we never went into such depth of the topic, but just to answer your question we need to take into account various parameters like the initial investment, the profits or loss made.. I'd look at minimising overheads and other costs so as to up the profit margins.. whether the company's a startup or not.. etc etc.
P1: Good.. good. *looks at P2*
P2: Which vehicle do you own?
Me: I dont own any vehicle ma'm.
P2: Ok, which vehicle do you drive?
Me: *I aint falling for it* I dont drive any vehicle ma'm.
P2: Do you have a driving license?
Me: I have not yet acquired a license, ma'm.

[She stared at me for 30-45 seconds and I stared back at her. Because somewhere in psychology it is said that when a person lies, he tends to look away. And I didn't want to give such an impression. So after we were done with our staring contest, she broke into a smile and exchanged smiles with the gentleman]

P1: It was a pleasure interviewing you, Mr. Shrinivasan.
Me: Pleasure was all mine, sir. Thank you.

About the interview, all this took place in 12 minutes!! The questions came quick and fast. I had little time to think and I think all questions were aimed to stress me out. Especially there was little continuity between a few questions. Like the part where I was being quizzed about reservations and the next questions was whether I'm a dancer. Even Kishore Kumar and MRF questions were out of the blue. It was a very short and quick interview. And I think I'll make it through because they looked entertained and satisfied at the end of the interview. I did smile throughout the interview. I maintained my calm and wasn't provoked when he called me selfish. Nor did I look stunned and out of place when he asked me about the year MRF was established. Overall a much better interview. And NO technical questions!! Yahoo.. :D :D

PS1: Played holi this time in the campus after a gap of 9 years!! Had loads of fun impersonating tribals.. :D :D
PS2: I got hit by tomatoes and eggs! :(
PS3: I was all pink post-holi. And my nails still retain the pinkish tinge. Discovery of the month: ALl colors are basically made from gulal, the primary color.. :D I know its too childish, you nerds! x( :P
PS4: I have a before and after holi picture but decided not to put it in the post because its already too long!
PS5: First 4 PSes were about holi. Weird.
PS6: My I interview was a biggg disaster. I am not going to blog about it! EVER.
PS7: About the I interview.. I'd get a biiig zero for acads.. a bigger zero for general awareness. So overall, my rating of the interview would be (biiiig zero + bigger zero) /2. Yes, I'm eating sleeping studying Math for my Calcutta interview!
PS8: Feel lightheaded of late. Need to prepare for C.. #:-s
PS9: My A interview was decent. I hope they take me! [-o<
PS10: Need to start the movie marathon that I've been planning for quite some time.
But it can wait. Preparation for C can't.
PS11: Need to complete one more tag.. :-<
PS12: Sid is sick. Seriously. He's sick.
PS13: Have been getting all senti of late about leaving IIIT. And people are coming up with creative ideas. Btw before I forget, Ramji rocks! :P
PS14: Tomorrow warm-up game #2 for India! gl+hf.
PS15: Mind's been working overtime trying to come up with ideas but winds up at a dead end! Frustrated and running out of time.. hmm.. :-?


Friday, March 02, 2007

Ze tagg..

So, I've been tagged by tealie. It's been a long time since people tagged me. (Ok, I'll rephrase it.) It's been a long time since I've written a tag post. So here goes nothing.

1. One thing you're very much afraid of?
Losing my near and dear ones.

2. Two incidents you can never forget in life?

One of them is the day I got my CAT results and I was telling myself.. "I told you so.. I knew it!" :D And I immediately called up mom and some of the others who had believed in me.. It was just awesome! :D :D
And then the day when we walked back to campus after the 10:00 PM show. We reached the campus some time around half past two after walking for an hour and a half.

Apart from these, I remember quite a few. Especially the trivial ones :D And there are a few which need to be discrete as well.. :D I guess I've talked too much.. :D :-$

3. Three books you'd love reading again and again?

Rajaji's Mahabharata
Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
Kane and Abel by Jeffery Archer
Chicken soup for the soul
Calvin and Hobbes (Although I never got the chance)

4. Four women who are most beautiful?

Only four?? Not fair! But since I'm a just person, I'll go with five.. :D
1. Monica Belluci
2. Scarlett Johansson
3. Elisha Cuthbert
4. Anna Kournikova
5. Bhoomika

5. Five of your favourite food items?

Only five??!! Who designed this tag? Is he from the not-fair land? x(
1. Chole Batura
2. Pizzas
3. Pulao
4. Dosas, pongal and all other south indian items excluding curd rice!
5. Do milk shakes come under food category? I guess they do.. :D

6. Six words you use very often oral/written?

1. hmmm..
2. JACKASS! (oral)
3. what the hell! (oral)
4. blah.. (oral)
5. crap (oral)
6. yo! (oral)
7. coool (oral)

Yes. I'm bad at Math.

7. Seven things you like about yourself?

I am not a narcissist or something but 7 is too low a number :P
1. My sense of humour and wit
2. My ability to make friends? (You get it when you're forced to change schools once every 2 years or so)
3. My hyperactiveness
4. My nocturnal instincts
5. My love for family and friends
6. My story telling abilities
7. My relaxed attitude (Fostered it after coming to IIIT)

8. Eight film personalities who are your all time favorites?

1. Kamal Hassan and Prakash Raj
2. Aamir Khan
3. Al Pacino
4. Mani Ratnam
5. Steven Spielberg
6. A.R.Rahman
7. Shivaji Ganesan and S.P.B
8. Revathy
9. Naseeruddin Shah

Yes, there is no Rajnikanth.

9. Nine movies you wont mind watching again and again?

1. Mouna Raagam
2. Michael Madan Kamarajan
3. Dil Chahta hai and Munnabhai
4. Monsters Inc. and Incredibles :D
5. Jerry Maguire
6. My Sassy Girl
7. Scent of a Woman and Shawshank Redemption
8. Lakshya and Hera Pheri
9. NVNV and Bommarillu
10. Andaaz apna apna (galti se mistake ho gaya :D)

10. Ten songs you would like to listen to everyday?

hmm.. Well, there are quite a few songs but the ones which come to my mind right now are:
1. Comfortably Numb (All time favourite)
2. Lonely by AKON
3. Pehla Nasha (All time favourite)
4. Somewhere I belong, Numb, Crawling, In the End and many more by LINKIN PARK
5. Hotel California (All time favourite)
6. Yenna solla pogiraai from Kandukonden Kandukonden
7. Basically almost all ARR songs
8. Manjal Veyyil and Un sirippinil (yeah Tealie ;))
9. Reason by Hoobastank (All time favourite)
10.Old Tamil and Hindi songs... :D

Now whom shall I tag? Who are jobless enough to do this tag? :-? Here's the list.
1. Abbulugaadu aka Bubba
2. Sam
3. Affy
4. Loonie
5. IV
6. And last but not the least, mythalez! (I expect you to finish it first and set an example! :D)

PS1: So holi celebrations have already begun. A bonfire has been created in the football ground and people are burning some old stuff. A new beginning :) Happy holi all of ya.. and
PS2: Just one more month of B Tech education remains.. and I've already become senti quite a few times when people remind me of it. I just want to right a few wrongs that I've committed during my brief stay at this place. A new beginning.. :) Just when things are going to end! #-o
PS3: Next post will be on my IIM-L interview. I should have blogged about the interview long time back but things were not in the right place so had to go into hibernation, set things right and come back.
PS4: We lost in the quarter-finals of the Felicity CS competitions. To the eventual champions. So no pride lost.. :D However we could have performed better but things seem much easier in hindsight. But I am happy that we went down fighting to the best clan. But it was my last clan match!! :((
PS5: Why dont people start the ug4 slam book asap.. :(
PS6: A self-operated beverage vending machine has been installed in OBH first floor!! yippeee! Why did they not come up with this idea before! x(
PS7: A fun tag. tag --;
PS8: So I have interviews on the coming Tuesday and Wednesday for IIM Indore and Ahmedabad respectively :-s And I've been searching for motivation to give it my best shot but cant seem to find any! :(
PS9: Happy international women's day to all readers belonging to the fairer sex. :D
PS10: Guys, there's no international men's day unfortunately. But we've got the world cup coming along, so do not worry! :D
PS11: Cant get myself to read the budget although alarm bells are ringing! :( yeh kya hua.. pehle aisa na hota tha..