Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Create Your Own Post - I

A twisted series of circumstances have brought me to this state of desperation. Yes, until recently I used to think that I was the only one who, in spite of running out of ideas, continued to blog about nothing. And guess what? Blogging about "nothing" is the in-thing right now. Ask Cheesy for more details. Sam's busy posting book reviews and pics, and Jaya is busy doing nothing. And by nothing I mean not even blogging. So I, as a responsible blogizen, see it as my foremost duty to keep my blog updated.

Inspired by 0belix, this will be the first of the many posts of the "Create Your Own post" series. And since I have fewer things to rave about, just like Affy I will take the trusted solution of blogging about nothing in particular (N.i.P) So this post will be a conglomerate of different issues namely why one should never shop with the fairer sex, my appointment with an ophthalmologist and reasons for my excess hair loss. If you manage to read all the way till the end, then as a token of my appreciation, you get to have a peek at my thoughts. I know the festive season is around, and you guys would get better combo-packs, but then this is all I've got. Lets start, shall we?

It was time for some Christmas shopping for da Big Foot. Ya thats me. But then I committed the mistake of going with my mom and aunt to shop for my shoes. The reason? My dad offered to chauffer us around. (So no RTC bus and no squabbles with auto-wallahs.. or so the optimist thought) And after having tried 3 shops unsuccesfully, I gave up. I usually am not a quitter but then one of the salesman quipped tht they no longer keep a stock of footwear of my size. Humiliated, embarassed and abashed that I was, I ended up getting a pair of floaters. Then started the actual headache. Mom wanted to do some shoppin and so for the next 2.5 hours I think I would have frequented more shops than what I would be visiting in the next 2 years. And she even remarked that I was better than my dad, since I complained lesser. Guess she dint feel the growing resentment in me. So to cut a long story short, do not shop with ladies unless u have a thing for cramps. My stamina has increased manifold after this horrendous outing. Beware Abbulu for I might be ur next contender in the 1500m race in the next sports meet ;)

Moving on, I had always fantasised getting a pair of glasses. Not sunglasses or goggles. Just spectacles.. of the decent kind, not the thick ones. The ones which make you look somewhat geeky. Coz some time back, C had remarked that I looked rather roguish. hmpf. Anyways, coming back to the topic, I had been making various strange excuses for the past 1 month as part of a Mission Get-glasses. One of them was that my eyes hurt if I tried to focus too much on the projector. Little did she know about me being an insomniac. Finally the D-Day arrived and I was taken to Dr.R who made me read A-Z and 0-9 from quite a distance using a mirror in decreasing font sizes. Well I did mess it up when it came to the smaller sized letters and to my horror, the doctor quipped that I would not need any glasses since I only had some kind of nutritional deficiency and no refractive error. In fact he went on to say that I would never need any glasses for the rest of my life, if I pay heed to his advice. I was shattered. I've always wanted to look a bit geeky, but now.. But fate as usual plays cruel games with me. But the optimist shall live on :((

And now for something different. Yes, my hair. I have not been for a haircut for quite some time. And by some time, I mean 2 months. Well, mom has been trying to coax me for quite some time but then I have learnt to be stubborn. Yes, learnt. So this other day my mom casually asked me when I was going to the saloon what with the new year around da corner. I asked her to wait for another month and she freaked out. All she could muster was "Oh God what is this.. my daughter doesnt want to grow her hair and my son doesnt want to cut his hair" I laughed and told her that I had lost lotsa hair this year. My hairline has receded by 2 cm!! And so I really wanna grow some hair, maybe take a pic and treasure it forever. Nice idea, right? :) Studies mention that tension and stress are the main reasons for men balding. But all I am stressed about right now is my receding hairline. And so I have no respite. :( Any suggestions?

Those who read all this crap and have come out unscathed with their sanity, I applaud them. It takes lotsa guts and composure to read all this crap. phew! Moving on to the final segment. I have observed that the women make better listeners than men. Dont know why. But one thing for which I can vouch for is that listening is very important in almost all fields of our day-to-day lives. Forget the classes coz I dont listen to em and I preach only what I practise. But whether it is the corporate world or ur daily relationships. It is very important to cultivate the habit of listening. Listening to what others say is a mark of respect. Shows that you care for them. Frequently interrupting others or completing others sentences are signs of bad listening. Also 80-85% of the sensory input comes from our eyes, maybe thats why we tend to see more and listen less. Listening truly is the highest compliment one could pay to a fellow being. So start listening.. I for one have put in a humungous effort and the results have been quite satisfactory. What I have discovered in the process is that there is a part in every person who would like to be listened. So listen with an intent to understand.. Then try figuring out if it makes sense or not ;))

Quote of the day

I think men only need one thing in life… someone to love. If you can’t give them that, then give them something to hope for. And if you can’t give them that, just give them something to do.
Flight of the phoenix

P.S: Lack of ideas is slowly showing in my posts. I think I have lost the passion to write. I should not be blogging just for the heck of it, should I? Stifled innovation is one of the reasons. Maybe I might take a small break from the blogging circuit.. maybe for a month. I dunno.. And I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my blog friends (LOAT who is as well running out of ideas to blog, and D who is posting thiruppaavais) who have managed to stand by me in these 2 months of eventful blogging. From October 24th to Dec 29th. These past few months have been extremely gratifying and pleasant. And of course all my buddies here at IIIT who have been there for me when I needed em.
adios people.. and a very Happy and Prosperous New Year to one and all. Hope this guy stays an optimist*fingers crossed* See you guys on the other side of the year. And heres something for Ms. Nitpicky :)


Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hell and Back

No.. no I dint watch Kalyug.. was talking about my short stay at home.. Before I drive you guys away from my blog, I'll stop posing these conundrums and will come straight to the point. My uncle from US of A is relocating in Hyderabad. So he, along with his parents, wife and 2-year old daughter had decided to take shelter in the best dharmashaala in Hyderabad for a couple of days.. yes our home while they are out hunting for houses. And I made the biggest mistake of going home just in time to bump into my dear uncle.. blame it on my impeccable timing. And since I was Mr. Jobless because of the ongoing vacations, I was entrusted with the responsibility of doing khathirdaari for our very special guests.

Every man has 3 basic necessities. Roti, kapda aur makaan i.e Food, clothing and shelter. Whenever I go home, I have 4 basic necessities or should I say objectives. They are
1. Good food
2. 9-10 hours of good sleep
3. 4-5 hours of T.V
4. Peace of mind.. yes.. peace of mind
Lets see how all my repeated attempts to achieve all the above mentioned goals were thwarted time and again by my benevolent relatives.

From where do I even begin? Mom dint have enuff time to cook any special dishes for me. And our "guests" were very picky when it came to food. No onions, no potatoes and no carrots. I had to live on a diet of cabbages, pumpkins, bottle gourds and what not. For a second I was tempted to come back to the hostel, but then better sense prevailed. I decided to hang in there not knowing that the worst was yet to come.

Since we dont have any guest rooms in our house and I had the biggest bed (I roll a lot while sleeping :D) it was decided that my uncle and his daughter would be sleepin on my bed. My sis got to sleep in her room. I had to sleep on the sofa in the living room!! :(( And I cudnt stretch my legs while sleepin coz the sofa was toooo small. Cramped my legs for the first 2 days, but then got used to it. Added to it, the god damned milkman used to come as early as 5:30 and would wake me up. Forget 9 hours, I was not able to sleep for even 6 hours. What a pity!

I dont even need to mention it. But then this soul needs an outlet to let out its frustration after having watched all kinds of 'k'rap teleserials which include the saas-bahu melodramas. Women scheming behind one others backs, bitching about them.. *shudders* Now you see what happens if one watches too many K-serials. You bitch non-stop and thats what I am doing right now. At nights, all I was able to watch was NEWS.. First in Tamil, then in English, then in Hindi. Either its SUN NEWS, NDTV, CNN, BBC, India TV. And how could we forget Aaj Tak and TV9. I never knew that so many TV channels were available in India. Well actually I knew but never cared to give em a second glance.

Peace of mind:
My 2-year old cousin showed an instant liking for me. I dunno why. But seeing this rapport netween us, I was made a baby-sitter and I had to watch her when my uncle and aunt were out scouting for a house. Coming back to my cousin, she is very cute, very adorable.. And she is a walking, talking destructive machine. I named her T4. Anything which finds its way into her hands is as good as gone. She broke my glass painting, and mom scolded me because I kept it within her reach. She also dropped my mobile although I somehow managed to assemble it without much fuss. Yeah.. I'm an engineer :D.. But my glass painting :(( Spent 3 days painting the sunset. But the bright spot was she broke my sister's favourite perfume bottle. *hi fives* For all those who are cursing me, you have not met my sister and you do not know about her. If I were an angel (which I am :">) then she would be the devil. belimey.. of course the vice-versa is not possible since I can never be a devil.. Ok maybe I can but she can never be an angel ;))

Apart from being deprived of the above mentioned necessities, I was also made to run errands at unearthly hours. Also my uncle got sick and blamed it on the Hyderabadi water. And from there he moved on to India-bashing stating that India is so polluted and all that usual NRI crap. Finally the doctor diagnosed it as an indigestion problem. lol.. Finally the D-Day had come. They were supposed to leave on Monday night and I was waiting in anticipation for the auspicious hour when they would step out of our house. And once they were gone, I jubiliated. But my luck was sooo rotten, that their flight to Chennai got cancelled coz of the incessant rains. And so their departure was postponed to Wed morning and that meant two more nights on the darned sofa.. But then on Wed morning it was done.. And I had survived the ordeal. *phew* Thus ends the dukh-bhari kahani of the optimist.. :(

And for all da christmas fans, a li'l dose of humor.. from garfield. yay! Notice the pear on the laptop instead of the usual apple. So happy Christmas and a very Happy New Year for all you people!! ciao..

Almost forgot.. the quote of the day is:

People ask you for criticism, but they only want praise.
--Somerset Maugham

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

On Death and Dying

Recently, my close friend's grandfather passed away, which made me think a lot on death. So what is death? Is it some kind of transition of the so-called souls from a material world to a world of spiritual bliss? Is it something like a butterfly shedding its cocoon on its way to becoming something purer, much more beautiful?

It is said that death is but a covered bridge leading from light to light, through a brief darkness. We have life on one side and eternal bliss on the other. Everyone is born on this planet destined to fulfill a mission.. a purpose as some might put it. And for a man who has done his duty, death is just a long, natural sleep for him.

But there's another way of looking at it. Death is not the greatest loss in life. We dont even know whether there's another world out there waiting for our souls after they leave our oh-so-mortal bodies. Maybe when we die here, we are born in a different world, in a different time, at a different place... or maybe not. But the greatest loss is what dies inside us when we are alive. The celebration.. of being alive. How we tend to take things for granted. What if today was our last day on this planet.. Our concern must be to actually live while we're alive.

But unfortunately it's usually very late when we truly understand that our time on earth is very limited.. that we have no way of knowing that our time is up.. it might very well be today or 10 years down the lane.. who knows? It is only in such situations do we start living our life to the fullest.. as if each day were the last and the only one we had.. as if there will be no tomorrow. Some people have had the misfortune of not realising this fact at any point of their lives. People just want to earn shitloads of money, all of which they'll end up spending on treatment of their ailments that they suffer because of burnouts. Finally, they end up dying lonely and unsatisfied.

Sigh.. what has this world come to.. Quote of the day

Every man dies, but not every man really lives.

As E Cummings pointed out, the most wasted of all days is the one without laughter. And so here are a few funny lines which I happened to find on a medical student's blog

A Short History of Medicine
2000 B.C. - "Here, eat this root."
1000 B.C. - "That root is heathen, say this prayer."
1850 A.D. - "That prayer is superstition, drink this potion."
1940 A.D. - "That potion is snake oil, swallow this pill."
1985 A.D. - "That pill is ineffective, take this antibiotic."

2000 A.D. - "That antibiotic is artificial. Here, eat this root

Celebrating life.. This is the optimist reporting from the netherworld.. over and out.

P.S: Well, I have never seen either of my grandfathers and in those terms you are lucky. Dont cry because it's over, laugh because it happened.. and this is for you..

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there, I do not sleep
I am a 1,000 winds that blow
I am the diamond glints on snow
I am the sun on ripened grain
I am the gentle autumn rain
When you awaken in the morning's hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled light
I am the soft star that shines at night
Do not stand at my grave and cry
I am not there; I did not die.
--Mary Frye

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Template modifications, CAT classes and chicks

I am going home today!! *yay!!* Yes, so I wont be blogging for another day or two. Anyways can't think of any topic to blog about. Affy!! hmmm.. Also I have made a few minor changes in the template. Lotsa people were changing the look of their blogs, so I also decided to experimant a li'l bit. So tell me whether you guys like it or not?

Moving on, I woke up at 5:15 am today (No, no dont get your eyes checked.. it is 5:15 am) because I had to attend CAT classes.. dammit.. It was freezing outside. Must have been 7-8 degree celsius. So much for CAT coaching. So had this very boring lecture on DI and I think I outperformed everyone. So the lecturer was just ignoring me and concentrating on the gals. The gals didn't look bad either in this new batch, although only 4 came today. So no regrets, coz in the words of metallica, Nothing else matters!! Incidentally me listening to the same song right now.. :D

Sayonara people.. c ya guys after da weekend.. and please DO voice your opinions about the template changes. If you are too lazy to comment, at least shout your opinions in the shoutbox. Yes, my dormant shoutbox. This was how my blog looked before.. Just in case you took enough pains to compare them :D (can't help it.. I'm an optimist)
And of course the funny quote of the day is :D

The average pencil is seven inches long, with just a half-inch eraser - in case you thought optimism was dead.
---Robert Brault

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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Hyderabad's roads to heaven

This post is dedicated to the traffic-savvy junta of Hyderabad.

My first impression about Hyderabad? Excellent airport.. landed straight from Chennai almost 5 years back and I was impressed by the cleanliness of the city. But then things were not so rosy as they seemed to be.

First day on the roads of Hyderabad, I was shocked when I first saw a school auto with lots of heads sprouting out of the autos. The water bottles and school bags were jutting out from the sides of the auto. It was cramped with school children, some standing some sitting. Ever heard of foot boarding on an auto. *shudders* 10 children were fit in an auto, (It was the height of flexibility, I must say) which was running at the break-neck speed of a bullock-cart. And believe me, these children when given the right kind of coaching can become Nadia Comanecis, represent India in the gymnastics and bring laurels to the country. Moving on lets take a look at some of the famous modes of transport in Hyd.

Autos or the 3-wheelers:

I'm sure all the auto-wallahs are relatives of Bond.. James Bond. They can become the finest stunt men in the Indian film industry, if not Hollywood. I myself have experienced some real close shaves. They tread on the fine line between life and death. One ride in any of these autos and suddenly the phrase “Living on the EDGE!!” will start making sense to you.

And their motto is: Licensed to irritate!! Most of them have this kick-ass sound system and with bass volume at the highest, they keep all kinds of item numbers. Songs like Aashiq banaya aapne are played over and over and over until you get tired listening to them and ask him to switch it off.
Then he asks, “Kya boss.. tumhare ko gaane pasand nahi hai kya??” which when translated comes to “Boss, don’t you like songs?”
Me replies *raised eyebrow* “Hau..” means yes in Hyderabadi lingo.

And they can take you for rides.*pun intended* So take this another situation. The meter shows the fare as 26. AA here is auto anna.
AA: Anna, 26 ko round karke 30 de do. (Since the fare is 26, round it to 30 rupees.) *Now that’s some Math I forgot to learn in my school.*
Me: *shocked beyond wits* kya?? 26 ko round karke 30?? Kis khushi mein? (Why?)
AA: Kya anna.. Khairatabad mein rehte ho.. kaiku itna kanjoosgiri karte.. tum jaise pade likhen logaan bhi aise kare toh duniya barbaad ho jayengaa (You live in Khairatbad. Why are you such a miser? If well-educated people like you behave like this, then the end of the world is not far) *He thinks he’s Nostradamus*
Me: Mere pass chabbis rupey ka change hai.. rakhlo.. phukat mein bheja kaiku pakathe?? (I have exact 26 rupees. So take it and keep moving.)*walks away from the scene*
AA: 5 rupey dene ke liye itna bhaav khata hai.. (Roughly translated to: He cant even give a 5 rupee tip)
Me: *pissed off, @$!#%!$^#%@&$&^ but continues walking*

Lets move on, shall we?

Seven Seaters:

Did I mention about the walking death traps.. I mean the running. Yes I’m talking about the very special seven-seaters. It is believed that "Indian Coffins Ltd." a leading coffin manufacturer, tried to save its dipping business by signing a contract with the “concerned authorities” to start the seven-seater services, promising a 10% turnover as commission. And now its a thriving multi-million dollar industry. *This information should be treated strictly confidential*

Excellent maneuvers by these skilled drivers even makes Schumacher turn green with envy, although at the end of each ride, you are left with a dizzy sensation and an urge to puke on your co-passengers. The AP tourism authorities are planning on marketing the seven seaters, and one of the captions that will be used is

“Forget the roller-coaster rides, come ride our seven-seaters and experience the real thrill of life (and maybe death)”


And finally the buses are the nucleus of the Hyderabad Transport. And the drivers are of the I-dont-give-a-damn type. They drive these buses as if they are parading their newly bought pulsars, driving at top speeds and blowing horns for no reason whatsoever. They wont slow down even near a speed breaker, and what we finally get is a nice bumpy ride. I pity the guys who do footboarding. And some of the bus conductors are such cunning creatures, that it may take me hours together to narrate their exploits. Some things are better left unsaid. ahem.


I had always maintained that the Hyderabadis had a better traffic sense than the Chennaities or the Mumbaities (The Delhites do not deserve a mention here. Believe me!) But when I sat down to write this post, words just flowed like Captain Cook Namak... free flowing namak. Remember the ad?? So what is the final mandate? Think Hyderabad is still not as bad as I have described here. These are just isolated incidents, I have not generalized anything here.. err, in fact I have.. but then Dil pe mat le yaar.. so to all fellow hyderabadis.. keep your Hyderabadi paws off me.. :D Well as far as the roads are concerned, will keep that topic for some other day ;) And the quote of the day is:

An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a
very narrow field.

--Niels Bohr

P.S: Reason for my absence from the blogging circuit?? Ran out of ideas.. was fed up of blogging bout day-to-day events.. which in one word is B-O-R-I-N-G. Thanks Affy for the idea. He asked me to write about Hyderabad. Any new ideas from you guys are also welcome.. :)


Sunday, December 04, 2005

A tryst with ma be-loved relatives *barf barf*

Well, the title says it all. Actually a couple of weeks back, I had been to this house-warming ceremony of a distant-relative's to accompany mom, coz dad was busy at work and sis was off to college. Ok.. ok I accept it, i went to have good food and to see how my cousins were doing ;) (If you dont get it, IM me) But then I had not known the dire consequences I would face.

The moment I entered the house I was greeted by old uncles.. and by old I mean OLD!! They had dentures and they were very happy to see me. I have nothing against people with dentures unless of course they try to kiss me. YUCK!! And then I pretended that mom was calling and slipped away only to be confronted by aunties of the same age and kind. This time it was SICK!! So somehow made my way out of these two concentration camps towards the first floor.

Much to my relief, I found my cousin who was taking care of the kids and as soon as she saw me, she washed her hands off the kids and asked me to watch them for a while(Then it was uncles and aunties thrice or four times my age, and now it was kids half my age) After contemplating for a while, I concluded that nothing could be worse than what I had gone through just then. So I agreed and I thought I saw a sheepish or rather an evil grin from her when she left. coz what happened next was to tell in a single word.. awful.
One of my younger cousins (read 5-year old) wanted to climb me. For those who do not know, I am 6" tall. And I being a nice guy agreed. At first everything was fine coz he was not able to get a firm grip. But suddenly with a jerk, he climbed me just like that and before I could react, he was sitting on my head and was smiling victoriously as if he had conquered Mt. Everest.
Encouraged by the exploits of their fellow-cousin, the others started their climb on what many thought was unconquerable. And by the time I got rid of them, my very neatly ironed shirt was so crumpled that even MG wud be ashamed. hehe..

When I came back I was so relieved to find my younger cousin, that I thanked my stars. We hung out together, looking out for each other for some time till it was time for LUNCH.. I was ecstatic on seeing the banana leaves. somehow whets my appetite. (Another Tamilian syndrome I guess..) Sat down and then I see this uncle who comes and sits beside me. And then this conversation follows

Un: dey Gokul, How are you??
me: I am fine mama. And how are you??
Un: Oh do you remember me?? Recognize me?
me: *looks into his eyes intently for 10 secs* I do remember you, but just can't recollect your name.
Un: *gives a hint* Besan Laddu.. Jalebi..
me: *what kinda shitty hint is that?? still scratching my head.. blabbers some name which I have forgotten*
Un: hehe.. No.. I am X.. I saw you when you were thiiiiiiiiis *cups his hand to show that I was a 6-month old infant* small..
me: *growing resentment.. manages to smile* Oh.. no wonder I cant remember you.. *woops*
Un: Naughty boy.. *grins*

And my cousin cracks up. :|

Next after lunch I make my way to see mom to tell her that I would be going out for a small walk when I am caught by this group of ladies in their "madisaar"(huge sari)
Me, Aunt 1 and Aunt2.

Au1: *stops me and looks at me from head to toe or is it the other way around.. i dunno*
Au2: dey Gokul.. You have grown soo tall.. How?
me: *blinks and smiles* I just grew..
Au1&2: Hahahahahahahaha
me: *another sheepish grin and a weak smile*
Au2: So what are you doing?
me: I am studying in IIITH.
Au1: *cups her mouth in Miss India style* Ohhh.. You did not get into CBIT or MVSR? Which branch?
me: *dammmnn.. I was getting real irritated but managed to stay calm* CSE mami..
Au2: *shocked* what? CSE aa? enna pa.. (When translated, it becomes "What?") What happened? Baby is doing her ECE in a reputed college in Chennai. She is studying very hard. How much is your fee?
me: 70,000 per annum.
Au2: Oh CSE you took an NRI seat. Study well thambi.. Your parents are spending so much money na. Why did you take NRI seat in such a college?
me: *extremely pissed off* mami, IIITH is the best college for CSE in India. We have had a record of 100% placements and I am studying quite well. We have no reservations for girls also. And I got into the insti after securing a rank of 676 in AP in the AIEEE exam.
Au1&2: *shocked and surprised* Ohhh sorry da.. feel pannariya? (Translates to dont feel bad)
me: *smiles like a chesire cat* Why will I feel mad? I am used to these questions. So howz baby doing?
Au2: She is doing fine da..
me: Ok mami.. :) I gotta be going. Bye
Au1&2: Bye da.
me: *thanks God*

And then I managed to stay away from all the mamis, mamas, paatis, thaatas.. in short all my relatives for the rest of the evening. Man, I was relieved when I reached home on that day. My sane dad, my less irritable sister and my sweet mom.. So much for good food.. ~sigh~

Quote of the day:
"The hardest thing to hide is something thats not there"

P.S: From now onwards, I'll drop subtle hints in my PS's to the questions which I do not answer to you guys. So keep visiting :) And todays hints are...
Sending, forwarding or replying to SMS's is highly addictive and is not recommended.
Its very difficult to stay mad at someone who makes you laugh.. So beware of me :D
If you love someone, no matter what kind of mistake they do, you always tend to forgive them.
To touch people’s lives in whatever small ways you can.. That’s life.


Saturday, December 03, 2005

Happy days are here.. I think :-s

Today was a day of contrasting moods. It started off very well, because I missed the CL class (it was at 6:30 in the morning and I had to start at 5:30..) for a nice 11-hour sleep. Sorry sam, but your phone call had little effect on me. Feel bad for you though. Ya, so as I was telling, everything was going just fine.

But then, something had to go wrong and it did. But it was something very small and insignificant and unimportant and... well u get the drift right? Actually I was kinda shocked, but then I have started this new thing where I get to be less particular about stuff :D So I am trying to put down this incident as some kinda teenie-tiny itsy-bitsy misunderstanding.. ok teenie-tiny itsy-bitsy fight.. ok it was some kinda brawl and I was in the middle of it.. not literally.. Maybe I am just exaggerating it, but then everything ended well and both sides signed a truce *phew* I must become a diplomat some time in the future.

Then saw LOST 209. Its getting more and more interesting. And I had this sudden urge to watch the moth episode as well. One of the dialogues told by Locke to Charlie, which made looooooootsa sense to me, goes somewhat like this..
"That's a moth cocoon.. Its ironic butterflies get only attention but moths.. they spin silk. They are stronger.. faster..
You see this little hole. This moth is about to emerge.. Its in there right now.. struggling.. digging its way through the thick hide of the cocoon.. Now I can help it.. take my knife gently widen the opening and the moth wud be free.. but it wud be too weak to survive.. Struggle is nature's way of strengthening." hmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Then came the best part of the day.. I had a conference with Sam and her friends Affy and Jaya. Nice people.. had lotsa fun pulling their legs and for a change they did not mind either.. :D Both took it in a very sportive manner.. or at least thats what I felt.. :P After a looong time, I have got to kid people for almost an hour. Thanx guy, you made my day. As of now, I hav sat down to watch Lakshya.. Actually I am watching it for the nth time, but still the title music gives me the goosebumps..

Then had a look at Dee-Dee's childhood photos and was flooded by memories of my friends, family and a very special childhood of yours truly :D aahhh sweet memories.. And belimey, Dee-Dee looks soooo funny and cute.. I can see him blushing and angry now, so will stop it. Planning to get some photos myself, and will post em once I am done scanning them.

To top it all, G.R has asked me to take charge of the felicity sponsorships, but I just do not know what to do. Actually I had planned on getting an S.G.P.A of 8 point something this semester. But then, with this new twist, will it be possible? Frankly I do not know. It seems to be an interesting prospect, getting to know the bigwigs of the industry but lets see where fate leads me to.

So in the evening I was humming Beatles' Yesterday which goes something like this..

All my trouble seemed so far away
Now it looks as though they`re here to stay
Oh I believe in yesterday
I`m not half the man I used to be
There`s a shadow hanging over me
Oh yesterday came suddenly.

And now, I am happy. And since this happiness mostly, will be short-lived, I am enjoying every moment of it. With the dawn of a new day, a new set of problems come and the struggle continues, but then as mentioned above, struggle is nature's way of strengthening.

P.S: Sam, you really are lucky for others :D And also did I tell you guys, CC got placed in TCS, cool naa!! And aran's diet is still on track. All the best for you too *fingers crossed* But why is everything going sooo fine?? I just fail to understand.. And opera sux.. I cant put sentences in bold and neither can I link words.. Am re-editing it in firefox now..


Friday, December 02, 2005

Me Almighty!! A conversation with Gaaawwwd..

Statutory Warning: People allergic to smileys are asked to stay away from this post because of excessive usage of the same.

God: BUZZ!!
God: you there?

Me: Ya.. wru?
God: Thought you were a theist.. :-s.. I am God.. duh
Me: Come on.. don’t fool around.. Are u M? or H?
God: I am G for God.. when will people ever learn.. You talk about faith but when very rarely, I manage to come online no one &%$&$ believes me [-(
Me: :-? Hmmmm…
Me: Hain?? And I am supposed to believe you??
God: Laloo is no more in Bihar. What more proof dyu want? Had a tuf time convincing Mr. D i.e devil but finally I won! *yay!!* But i dunno if D's gonna mess up with nitish *worried*
Me: Ok whatever.. Mr. God, so wassup and how did you find my yahoo id? Who gave it? Was it the devil =))
God: Actually devil does have his friends but he has a separate friends list.. Lets call HIM “D”.. kinda used to it.
Me: Oh.. k lemme get this.. so D and you share the same login?? :-o
God: Yes.. Ok stop laughing.. You don’t want to piss me off, belimey.
Me: I piss everyone off.. I love doing it.. If you ARE the god, then you shud be knowing about this..
God: I can take your powers.. *evil laugh*..
Me: Dude!! You are not supposed to have anything evil associated with ya.. :P
God: woops!! I shud stop hanging out with D. Over the past few days we have become the best of friends.. :D
Me: What?? You and D are the best of friends.. No wonder my life is so fked up.
God: Actually theres a problem. The devil is my alter..
Me: What the… But how?? I mean you are THE GOD.
God: yes L( I suffer from multi-personlity disorder. Well actually I watched Anniyan (or Aparichitudu) too many times.. :-s
Me: So you really ARE god?? And now what?
Me: BUZZ!!

God has signed out.
God has signed in.

God: This WLAN sux big time.. will get a better WLAN connection soon..
Me: Tell me about it.
God: Coming back to the topic, the doctors want me to take some rest. The tsunamis, earthquakes and the Bihar elections have lead me to a burnout, it seems. So I have decided to renounce my post for a month and go off to Hawaii for vacation. So I might leave you in charge.
Me: wow! Is it because I am the most capable candidate? *blushes*
God: Actually no.. You are the only person who is bored most of the day and whiles away all the time in the world. So maybe for a change you can do something for the humanity.
Me: How rude.. and true L. Well.. fine. What am I supposed to do?
God: First and foremost you hafta stop chatting and blogging for one month. Also since you are suffering from insomnia, you’ll be able to service requests and prayers for atleast 20 hours every day.. What say??
Me: What?? :-o Come on. Don’t make me do this.. How is it possible?
God: If you don’t do it, I might hafta take drastic steps. I might get some hacker to hack your blog..
Me: Oh no you wont.. No emotional blackmailing.. :-s I think people can take care of themselves. They don’t need a God. Plus I am too inexperienced to be a God.
God: *raised eyebrow* Theres no need for experience. Also if people can take care of themselves, why do you keep calling for my help all the time?
Me: *Rolling eyes* I know, we should help ourselves. But it’s very difficult to find enough strength to battle all the hardships that your “so-called alter” throws at our lives.
God: D is going to be a good boy from now onwards. I have found him another planet which is devoid of life to keep him pre-occupied. It will be some time before anything goes wrong unless.. you mess it up.
God: But seriously, whatever hardships you face, is it D’s fault? There’s a God and devil in everyone and it is upto you, whether you want to follow ME *points to himself* or HIM *points to himself again*
Me: That’s an interesting theory. Hmmm.. How would I know whether I am following YOU or HIM? I mean you.. your alter.. This is kinda confusing.
God: Everything in life is complex. Well you do have your conscience, I gift you with a clean conscience at the time of your birth but then..
Me: ya ya I know.. Is my conscience clean? OJ
God: Its relatively clean but you don’t seem to be following it.
Me: Ya.. life has been tough.
God: You think ur life is tuf?? Imagine mine.. You guys are never thankful at all.. dayuummm
Me: Hey no swearing please..
God: I am the GOD.. I can do anything. Plus I’m frustrated as well.. I’ve no God unlike you guys, to whom I can go and pour all my problems. What dyu think of me, huh?
Me: Man.. can u crib or what.. So what r u gonna do about your vacation? :-s
God: Theres no vacation. Was just fooling around. Actually everytime you lament.. “Oh God!! Why me?” There’s this huge bell, similar to the one they have in the monasteries, which rings and it really gets on my nerves. So I thought maybe I can teach a lesson or two.. :)) What did you think.. That I'm Morgan Freeman and you are Jim Carrey??
Me: Then all this was just some kind of a joke??
God: Yes.. *evil grin* Oh my God!! Here he comes.. :-ss
Me: rofl.. You are telling OMG!! Ya.. so then the devil is not your alter?? *Yay!!*
Me: who comes??

God has signed out.
Me: BUZZ!!
Devil has signed in.

Devil: Hi there optimist.. You know I really hate optimists..
Me: Who’s this?
Devil: Are you fsking blind?? I am the one and only Devil from the same login of course. Muhahahahahahahahahahaha.. ok I hate laughing hysterically, its too monotonous.
Me: I thought he lied to me about it.. :-s And why do you hate optimists? :-ss
Devil: I AM HIS ALTER. In fact he is my alter. Why do I hate optimists?? duh.. Because I am supposed to.
Devil: BUZZ!!
Devil: Heard that everything is very rosy in your life. *grins like a chesire cat* When is your SE presentation? I’d like to make a special guest appearance.. >J I am adding you in my bakras… I mean my “friends” list..

Me: Nice talking to you, Mr. Devil Sir. Bye.