Friday, March 24, 2006

Once upon a time there lived a giant...

My cousin from Hyderabad had come over to our place. And she got her 3 year old son with her who was NOW a very well-behaved but cute kid. (He was one of the kids, who carried out the arduous task of climbing me. For more details, read this post.) So after having spent some time listening to him recite rhymes, I decided that an afternoon nap of 3 hours is an afternoon well spent; especially if it were to be a Saturday afternoon. So as I trudged along to my room after a delicious meal of vattha kuzhambu and pappad, hoping to spend 3 delightful hours sleeping on my cozy bed, I was stopped by mom.

Fearing the worst, I turned around and yes!! My fears had come true! There stood my cousin with a helpless expression on her face which told me to take care of the kid when they would be busy discussing about some “important” stuff. And it turns out that I am quite good at reading expressions. They had to discuss about some marriage proposals for another far-off cousin of mine.. talk about rotten luck.

So after 5 minutes, there I was.. with a kid who didn’t want to become Irfan Pathan or Mahendra Singh Dhoni.. he wanted to become Andrew Flintoff! He was the kind of kid who had little interest in Cartoon Network and neither liked the thirsty crow story nor the greedy dog story because he didn’t like animals involved in stories. Frankly when I was a child, apart from the mythological stories, the above mentioned ones were narrated to me quite frequently. But THIS kid did not want to hear them. Now I was in a tight spot and I could see signs of him launching another expedition of climbing Mt Everest. So it was time to take some serious action. I decided to cook up a story. So as he sat with his eyes focused on me, I started off in a typical way.

Me: Once upon a time there lived a giant.
Him: Giant? What’s a giant?
Me: hmm.. giants are tall, huge creatures.
Him: Tall? Taller than you?
Me: Yeah.. much taller than me. *stands on his toes and gestures a taller person*
Him: How can anyone be taller than you? Even my dad is not as tall as you are.
Me: *shows signs of losing patience but regains composure in time* Well, he was a complan giant.
Him: Complan giant? Hmm.. Are you also a complan giant?
Me: I am not a giant. But I did drink complan when I was your age.
*I still drink complan occasionally ;) Although I hope not to grow any taller*
Him: Will I grow as tall as you, if I drank complan?
Me: *seeing that it was time to imbibe some morals in the kid :P* Yes, complan is very good for health and you can grow taller than me if you were to drink complan regularly.

His eyes bulged with excitement. He ran to the kitchen and demanded a glass of complan. My cousin was rather surprised. But she did give complan.. to ME!! And she asked me to give it to him, because it was too hot for him to handle. So the next 10 minutes were spent running behind him, cajoling him and trying to give him the complan. Once I was done, we had to shift back to the story.

Me: He was a very cruel and ugly giant. *makes a scary face* He hated kids but he lived in a beautiful palace in the giant-land. The kids wanted to play in his gardens but they were surrounded by tall trees, much taller than me and a huge compound wall.
Him: Did he have slides and see-saws in the gardens?
Me: :| Yeah yeah.. and they had swings as well.
Him: Where is this giant-land?
Me: err.. It is in Hyderabad. Near Joganpally. You know Joganpally?

Him: Joganpally? *thinks for some time* No.. :(

Me: *neither do I :P* When I was your age, your mom and I used to go to giant-land and play for hours and hours together.

And then I did not know how to continue my story. And I used to think I was decently creative. So anyways as expected, the uncomfortable silence prevailed. I could see his eyes lurking my tall frame and I had almost given up. I knew it had to come.. the climb but I just wanted to delay the inevitable. As I prepared myself for the assault, he pointed at the clock.

Him: It’s time for Tom ‘n Jerry. SEE! It’s already 3:30.

Phew!! I thanked my lucky stars. And so as we both sat together and watched Tom ‘n Jerry, I felt nostalgic of the times I used to watch the same show with my elder cousin brothers. Of course they were only 11 and 12, but then I guess Tom ‘n Jerry is one thing that binds us all together :D

As far as the kid is concerned, I abandoned all notions of him being well-behaved. After all kids aren't supposed to be well-behaved, right? 2 days later, my cousin called me up asking me the way to giant land. =)) Now, no one messes with Gokul and gets away with it, right? >:)

Quote of the day:

Let me tell you something that we Israelis have against Moses. He took us forty years through the desert in order to bring us to the one spot in the Middle East that has no oil!
-Golda Meir

P.S1: England managed to draw level the test series. How? It was a lethal combination of 2 things.. England's best performance and India's worst.
PS2: My bio presentation was awful. And as they say, all horrible things must come to an end and so did mine. I somehow managed to save some of my dignity, by cracking a joke or two at the end of the presentation. But overall, a very ordinary week.
PS3: Amalgam got cancelled.. AGAIN! Talk of deja vu..
PS4: The events and some of the characters depicted in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, dead or alive, is purely co-incidental :D



Blogger Sameera said...

abbbbba finally ur back

short one
but what i like best is ur dialogues in posts

awesome stuff..interessant too :p

but what i like better than that is the idea of kids climbing on top of u..

jus the idea of it makes me happy
play with more kids..jus next time shoot it on cam and put it up here

sare na :p

good post keep em funny ones coming

8:46 AM  
Anonymous Gokulisgreat said...

finally the maestro is back to form.gud post.

You rocked the Bio class ...You made Nita laugh .. you might have been awful in Bio stuff :D.But what matters is the output.
The TA said "Your Presentation was clear and good"..Dont bluff abt Bio in public domain x-(.

Finally fingers crossed .. the drama unfolds on Jan30

9:31 AM  
Blogger Divya.B said...

Dude...waz ur height?

9:48 AM  
Blogger mythalez said...

happy baby sitting :p

3:29 PM  
Blogger Gulam Hasan said...

so the childrens fascination w the mt. everest continues haan..
ya i ajree w sam u shd post one w da children on top of the mt. everest :P
btw nice quote of da day..where do u get em 4m???

12:36 AM  
Blogger Vivek said...

don remind me abt thos cuz da...cute creatures but dangerous ones...esp a cuz of mine who wanted 2 inspect my the plaster on my leg when ma leg was broken n used 2 imitate my "walk"!

12:40 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Voices said...

i know where Joganpally is and I am goin to check that. If I dont find the giant-land then you would be made a giant by procrustean methods... hahaha....... anyways, thanks for your compliments

7:18 AM  
Anonymous blur said...

I read a part of the post and on the left i saw a clock that said times tickin

I have an exam this week and instead of studying i decided to waste my time efficiently by reading random blogs but that clock reminded

i realized thrs no way out now


p.s: I like the song thats playing on ur blog too, is that tamil? i really have no idea, but i liked it

thats one longass comment :)

12:26 PM  

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