Saturday, September 20, 2008

About me: Chapter 1 - Me & my accents

Lately I have been fascinated with foul language. This was the best start I could come up with after a 4 month sabbatical. Or was it 5? Anyways before we digress completely, as I mentioned earlier, I've been fascinated with foul language recently. Yes, and I've taken a liking towards the f-word so much that it makes a guest appearance once in every 100 words I speak. That's an alarming frequency considering I dont intend to write the script for Pulp Fiction's sequel. But I dont use it to vent out my frustration or to sound cool (may be someeetimes?) Instead I use it because it sounds funny when pronounced in different accents. Now have you ever tried that? Its feck-yu in Mallu accent and fock yo in Carribean. Its actually fun to use it when things get screwed up and people are expecting someone to start swearing - just breaks the tension in the air. Try it and get back to me with feedback! Possibly then I will divulge zee European version which primarily involves tampering with the syllables. (The Mallu accent works like magic!)

So what have I been up to in the past few months when I was away from the blog-o-sphere? The usual stuff - attending classes and dozing off in most of them, watching sitcoms, perfecting the mallu accent, hanging out with my wingmates and bitching about classmates, assignments and deadlines, staying invisible on gtalk to shun forced socialization and as always trying to put on more weight! I also was part of a small 10 minute short film which was directed by the director of "Left Right Left", a serial on Sony SAB. It was fun making the movie. Of course he dubbed my voice at the end, so the movie sounds so funny that I could not watch it more than once. But I've got good reviews from people (who fear that I might tease them if they give negative feedback) and critical comments from others (who are much bigger in size than me. sigh!) It was a great learning experience nonetheless.

Well, I really want to write a lot more stuff but then samay samaapthi ki ghoshna! So all you readers (yes, all six of you!) please do come back to read more about me. This is a desperate plea for attention. I promise the next post will be entertaining! Continued ...

In the next episode:
Self-deprecating humour and I *dadaang!! Camera closes in on my face.. then camera tilts by 45 degrees and again closes in on my face.. beat picks up in the background.. sounds of thunder! Repeat closing in of camera at different angles*
Foreign exchange students *Camera closes in on my face again.. not anywhere else (You wish!!) I have an evil smile spread across my face. hehahaha*
A blast from the past *Flashback in black and white.. A story about a miniature Gokul (dressed in uniform) and his environmental science project.. Sensitive issues like the bomb blasts will not be discussed by a man with an IQ of a chimp*

PS: I do have shreds of self-esteem left! Chimps are the most intelligent among animals.
PS1: I should stop watching Ekta's serials..
PS2: Composing this post was so damn hard! I just hope that I get better at this. It was fun blogging again :D
PS3: Some encouraging comments will be appreciated. :-s
PS4: To all my mallu friends - no hard feelings! :D
PS5: The "About me" series will continue.

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