Sunday, August 19, 2007

The backlog cleared...

So finally I sit down to write a post! Well begun is 0.0005% done. (Senior's quote)
And so another fortnight of non-stop grilling has come to an end. And this time around, I've got quite a few things to share.

Chak De India!?
Well, I heard rave reviews from quite a few people about this movie being path-breaking and all. Since it was an SRK flick, I kept my expectations low and watched the movie. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at SRK portraying an Islamic character. I think that was a first. Also, the usual element of SRK being a larger-than-life character was missing from this movie which again was quite essential to the plot. The surprises stop here. It became quite stereotypical at the end. Guess Hindi cinema will always be Hindi cinema. And there were flashes from Remember the Titans. Sad.

The funniest part was, we had 3 foreigners watching the movie with us. In Crown Theatre, Calicut :D As for the movie, decent and watchable.

Media cell - MC XI:
Well, we had our committee elections this month. And I made it to the Media Cell. Our senior members are pretty cool and I cant wait to get started on the work. We've got quite a few plans chalked out although I wonder how many of them would be implemented. And dear readers, if any of your near and dear ones have gone missing and you want to publish an advertisement, then I might not be able to help you.

Iranian movies:
As part of our Social Transformation of India course, we were shown 4 foreign movies - 2 Iranian, a Japanese and a Spanish one. And it was a treat watching such movies - especially the Japanese animation movie and the Iranian movies. They are quite intellectual and thought-provoking, and one needs to sit down and dissect the movie to actually understand the message. So if you get a chance, do watch the movies "Colors of Paradise", "Graveyard of flies" and "Two women". If you do not enjoy it, go watch Chak de India! :D I'm sure you'd enjoy the typical underdog theme that has so often been dished out by a dozen other movies.

Well, life has been, as usual a blur. The thing is, I'm studying - I'm attending all classes - I'm having decent food - I STILL crack silly jokes which very few people understand - I don't sleep in classes - I solve Sudokus - I watch Naruto Shippuden. In short, I've been doing what any other student should be doing. But I dont have time to sit back and think on things that I have done. It is more like.. living in the moment! Yes, I have fun. I play CS quite frequently (managed to cling on to the top position in IIM K) go out to eat, have parties and sometimes watch movies. But I dont get time to sleep! The sacrosanct sleeping time has fallen.. fallen from 8 hours to 5 hours. And the worst part is, there are quite a few days when I cant sleep for even 5 hours. But yes, it is a different experience. :D

PS1: I still am the optimist from utopia.
PS2: Lately I am back to being sarastic.
PS3: It seems I am a smartass.
PS4: All the members who got elected into committees gave a party today. And I did not enjoy it very much. I am finding it tough to digest this B-school culture of getting drunk and letting one's hair down. Puking comes much later. Hangover comes much much later.
PS5: Did I mention that everyone celebrated my birthday today on the dance floor? Yes, I got kicked.
PS6: I stood out in the dance floor today. Probably because I was the only one not dancing. hmmm...
PS7: Now what would you do if your friend is completely drunk, is going haywire and you dont want to help him because all the girls are watching him with disgust? I met such "friends" today.
PS8: Drunk people are a fascinating lot. Seriously! :D
PS9: Time to sleep. Adios and happy Onam! :D