Monday, August 28, 2006

Mid sem exams + Sir Lukog's 3 laws of Examination

So the mid semester exams are here. And as always, I've retained my uncanny ability of screwing up even the easiest of the exams. My aunt used to mention how even my dad, who was a brilliant student, always underperformed in the exams. I guess my dad's genes are finally working. Coming back to the topic, I successfully screwed up the 2 exams that I wrote today, thus maintaining a clean slate. Of course they were easy! I still have one more to go and I'd really love to have a black mark on this unblemished record of mine. Why do you think they call me the optimist!!?? *sigh*

The 3 laws of Examination proposed by Sir Lukog seem to dictate my performance :( For the uninformed, Sir Lukog was a part of the Priori of Scion and is said to have influenced his disciple Newton immensely. Lukog was wanted by the church for his rebellious ideas on examinations. Even today, these laws are practically unknown thanks to stringent measures taken by the then-orthodox church. Coming to the 3 laws of Examination..

The First Law of examination states that every student stays in a state of laziness, and continues to stay in that state unless he is compelled to study due to approaching exams.

The Second Law of examination states that the rate of change of preparation of a student(just before the exam) is directly proportional to the number of hours he has slept during the class.

The Third Law of examination states that for every exam you write well, there is atleast one exam which you'll end up screwing equally well.

Explanation for the 2nd law: The more he sleeps during the classes, the more he prepares before the exam. The mathematical form of this law is as follows:
P = sG
where P is rate of change of preparation, s the number of hours he has slept in the classes and G is the geek constant. You can actually see a striking resemblance with Newton's second law (F = ma)

Please note that the converse of the third law doesnt hold true. Especially in my case.

These laws are proposed for mere mortals and hence any attempts to disprove these laws by drawing comparisons with legends like IV or Manish shall be condemned.

Some of the other lesser known laws on examination, also by the same man, are:

The Law of Hypersomnia: This law states that however great an insomniac one might be, he/she is bound to feel sleepy during the preparation for an examination.

The 70% rule: The 70% rule states that any average student covers 70% or more of the portion he actually studies, in the final hours before the examination.

I guess the time has come for me to start on my 70% of the portion. So off I go and all the best for your exams. And if you're one of those lucky people like THIS guy, who has no exams.. DAMN YOU! >:P

Quote of the day:

The simplest schoolboy is now familiar with truths for which Archimedes would have sacrificed his life.

- Ernest Renan

PS1: Somehow I dont have any such problems with my mock CAT. Scored above 99 percentile in the last 2 mocks which, of course, is ultra cool :D Sid rocked in the last mock! He stood 11th in India and topped in Hyderabad. *awestruck*
PS2: The weather's been soo pleasant of late. I just dont feel like studying. We've been having quite a few philosophical discussions as well. THIS is life :D
PS3: KK's creating mayhem on the ug4 mailing list. As a result, I've refrained myself from sending valuable spam for some days :-< And all because Saaketh had to send mails to ug4! ;))
PS4: I'm feeling sleepy already! (:| Yes, the law of hypersomnia.. :(
PS5: I am unable to upload pics in this post. dammit! x(
PS6: Comfortably numb - voted best guitar solo *yay!* Sweet child o mine and Hotel california also made it to top 10.. :D
PS7: Next post might be on how I sit through boring classes.

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Friday, August 18, 2006

The play and boycotting the freshers

Ladies and gentlemen.. on your left.. You can see what we might term as the "before" pic. And on your right is what one can term as the "after" pic.

So we did enact the play. And we did screw it up. But the people didn't realise it! 2 of us actually screwed up the dialogues and we somehow managed to cover it up. Finally I guess we put up quite a decent performance, contrary to what the cmdrbuzz and others might think. If anyone can come up with something better than this in 18 days with T3 in the cast, then I'm game for it :D :P

Anyways, 3 things I learnt from the play:
1. Its not very easy to put on make up.
2. Its not very easy to remove make up.
3. Makeup can make a world of difference! I, for one will try staying away from it.
Moving on to more controversial issues, there is this rumour that the 2k4 batch will be boycotting the freshers because of the unjust treatment meted out to their batchmates during the ragging episode. Well.. it doesnt end here. It moves on to sports as well, where in the 2k6 batch wont be taken into the team for any group events. In Al Pacino's words, this is such a crock of shit!

All the anger that you guys have on the faculty is being focussed on the juniors. Of course there are spoilt brats in the 2k6 batch just like your batch and our batch had. That doesnt mean that you go ahead and show your contempt for the batch by boycotting the event and isolating the facchas from all sports. It is just a cowardly act.. an act of personal vengeance.. I dont know who is/are pulling the strings.. I dont know how it is going to help their cause.. But one thing I know is that the faculty wont give a damn. And that this might very well be the most immature, irresponsible thing one might end up doing. Was it their(2k6 people) fault that the 3 people got sent to mussoorie? No. As much as you'd like it to be. That decision was taken by director and co. So instead of venting your anger, garner your guts and stand up against the director. And to get the whole batch to do something like this in the name of batch-intergity is something even more nonsensical.

Please note that this is my opinion and has been formed based on the assumption that plans are being plotted to exclude the facchas from group events. If these are plain misconceptions, then I guess I went overboard.. :P

Quote of the day:
Wisdom never kicks at the iron walls it can't bring down.
- Olive Schreiner

PS1: I've got guys from ug3 asking me whether I'd be boycotting the freshers or not! wthell!! But one thing I can assure you is I aint boycotting the dinner.. :D Also some carnival's being planned this coming Sunday. I've given my name for JAM. There are rumours that all ug1 students will be excluded from the carnival as well. I guess, the rumour mills are working overtime.
PS2: SE classes are just way too boring! *yawn* SE assignment due date this tuesday. We're supposed to come up with a 10 page report! SE->Social Entrepreneurship
PS3: Who in their right minds takes a course like PR? The assignments are soo friggin long! And yes, stratovarius rocks :D
PS4: Mocks are back!! We had a long break of 2 weeks. And my hands are just itching to write the next mock :D
PS5: IV's promised me to get a pad, a pen and a notebook from MS :D And I'm soo blurked :P (Copyright IV 2006)
PS6: GAG's a pain in the neck. Period. Chelsea got screwed by L'pool! In spite of Gerrard starting on the bench! The Riise goal was awesome! All ye Chelsea fans can bid goodbye to your days of domination in the EPL :D

Monday, August 14, 2006

About Compilers, playing cricket and what not!!

The other day, when one of the juniors was whining to me about how Zulu was making life hell for the 2k4 batch, I was reminded of the day when he had asked me to get married. I'm sure he STILL makes the same set of statements. And it made me read the posts I had written about the compilers course. Quite funny, I must say. You can find them here. And the post includes the feedback + post-feedback class :D A parting word of advice if you're a CSE student of the 2k4 batch - sit in the front benches at the extremes. You'll hardly get noticed ;)

Now a days, I've been playing cricket quite regularly. In the lawn of course. It's fun. We usually get a decent audience. And if you're wondering what I do on the field..
When I'm fielding:
1. I taunt the batsman and the opposite team members (who are just lazing around on the lawn)
2. I bowl. Sometimes I am just awesome. Sometimes.
3. I'm a livewire on the field. I fumble regularly. I drop catches. I manage to hold on to some as well. But STILL I'm a livewire on the field.
4. I encourage the bowler and the fielders. After almost every ball. By taunting the batsmen of course!
5. I sometimes dive around and get scraped. But that is rare. Quite rare.

When I'm not fielding:
1. I make fun of the bowler.
2. I make fun of the fielders.
3. I make fun of our batsmen. (Just cant help it :-s )
4. I keep all ants off me. (We've got ants in the lawn. Some pretty big ones!)

When I go to bat:
1. I swing.
2. I miss.
3. If by chance,I connect then it goes out of the ground. Which by the way, is actually declared out.
4. I mistime shots and give a catch straight down the fielder's throat.
5. I run sloppily and run others out. (unless I've already run myself out)
6. I defend easy, lollipop, nicky boye-ish fulltosses. (Read it in Boycott style)
6. I make fun of the bowlers.
7. I make fun of the wicket-keeper.

But its fun playing cricket. The feeling of wet grass beneath your feet is just amazing. Totally worth it! :)

Moving on to other stories, the hot rottis guy has been given the contract for the ground floor mess and the dinner is just awe-huh-some! The number of puris is unlimited and the gravy/side-dish/curry is quite decent. So mom's really happy that FINALLY there's a mess which can cater to her growing boy's needs! And so, I am consistently having almost 6-8 puris on an average which is quite good. But I seem to developing this paunch and if I do not take drastic steps any time soon, you will be watching me on AXN in Ripley's Believe it or not - the lankiest man to have ever had a paunch. Yes, I can wave for you. All you need to do is mention your name and the message in the comments box. I can always do a Big B.
*wave* Panchnagar ke vaasiyon.. aap sabko mera pranam.. *wave*

Anyways coming back to more raging topics, after the electricity debacle - when the hostel bills shot up - my wingmates were big time into saving electricity. No they were not switching off the geysers. Instead they refused to switch on the exhaust fans!!! So whenever I had to take a leak, my lung capacity was tested. And for 4 days I had to endure the stink (which in a way helped me perfect the art of pranayam, but thats not the point!!) Right now though, things are much rosier. I just keep them switched on (the exhaust fans!) and no one seems to care :)
[And no, we still dont switch off the geysers after use]

Quote of the day:

We all wear masks, and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing some of our own skin.
- Andre Berthiaume

PS1: So BTP viva is around the corner. And we have hardly done anything on that front. In fact I feel quite guilty when people discuss about their projects in the mess! Damn you geekos!
PS2: Tomorrow is the D-day for our play. For the uninformed, our play will be held as part of a big cultural event in room number 119. The event is supposed to start at 17:30 hours and ours is the second performance. So be there and witness the miracle! (If you think people making themselves look like jackasses a miracle) Something tells me that its going to be quite embarassing.. :-s Everyone is showing signs of screwing it up! Lord, save us.
PS3: Siddarth is going great guns on the CAT front. I have decided to look at the (BIG picture minus Siddarth) and now it looks a lot comforting. The joys of imagination.. *sigh*
PS4: Being a TA is kinda shitty.. in fact its totally shitty. End of story.
PS5: Watched OMKARA and kinda liked it. But you dont want to be watching it with your family - unless you like going pink when you hear words like chutiya. Watched bomarillu as well. Nice. Planning on watching it again. And the whole experience...Out of the world. Deserves a separate post.
PS6: Need to prepare for carrom competitions :-s Especially doubles. Why?
2004 - winners
2005 - runners-up
2006 - ??
I know I am not very good at showing off.. :(
PS7: Had a nice time over the weekend. And a nice lunch. I think I just messed up the order.. :P
PS8: Senor Placements is getting on my nerves. The last remaining ones! :((
PS9: Long time since I blogged and hence such an unstructured post.


Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Prophecy

"No matter how high one's spirit power is.. if they leave the tap open all the time, their spirit power should dry up right away. If the tap is turned and an unexpected amount of water comes out, most people would be startled and turn off the tap right away.
If he's like that too.. If his usual abilities are in the off mode.. And if.. by some impetus.. it is wrenched open.. "


The storm is over. The metamorphosis is complete. He is no longer ordinary. The tap has been wrenched open. He has been quite patient. For 3 long years. Now he has finally arrived. The time has come. To sit back and watch the show. The prophecy shall be fulfilled. I know it. Just like I knew 20 years ago. With just a few more than a hundred days to go, its a race between him and time. Its going to be close.. very close.