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The year that was - 2008

Before I begin, I wish you all a very happy new year. Hope this year brings out the worst in you! Yes, I am not in a good mood - bad time to be blogging, eh? This post will be answering the FAQs that have been put to me.

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So what have you been doing lately?
Apart from worrying about the recession, quite a lot. I hit a creative purple patch a couple of weeks back and since then, have written some interesting stuff. I must say that I have grown to like what I wrote - grown is the word to be emphasized here. And fortunately (or otherwise) I have decided not to put it up on the public domain. That is primarily because when I blog I want some feedback and no one bothers giving me one. So if you're really jobless, AND have been having a bad day, ping me and I'd gladly send you across something.

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How did you celebrate the new year?
Well, thankfully my friends have similar views on new year - its overhyped! However, we had a couple of days off and we decided to go to Ooty. On bikes! So we rode 200 km across the border (TN - Kerala border) and trust me, it was lot of fun! (Too many exclamation marks!!) The roads, the sceneries, the cool fresh air - it was a welcome break from the usual. Ooty was freezing cold though. The place is really beautiful but there were hardly any beautiful tourists (if you know what I mean) All we could bump into, were families with troublesome kids. So much for a vacation!

So as I was telling, the place was frikkin cold. Hence we decided to stay indoors once the clock struck nine. Armed with chips, home-made chocolates and a lot of time to kill, we began playing cards. And it was refreshing to be away from laptops, cell phones and still have fun. At the stroke of midnight, when everyone around the world is usually busy brushing up their arithmetic skills (thanks to the overhyped countdown) we were happily peeking at each others' cards and swearing at the top of our voices. We did realise after fifteen minutes that it was past twelve and wished each other.

Thanks to the trip, I have a copper tan. After all, we did drive for almost 10 hours in the sun! Many have expressed their liking for it (some have feigned - dont you think you can fool me! :P) I, on the other hand, am trying to ignore it. Today morning when I woke up to go brush, I freaked out at what I saw in the mirror. I guess that explains everything. It doesn't? Then you need to infer, my dear friend.

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So how was the year 2008?
Year 2008 was a lot like a well made movie - exciting and depressing in parts with a lot of fun and frolic. This year will be remembered as the year when I had to deal with the loss of two people whom I knew. I think this year has been phenomenal because I've got to know myself better. This shall also be the year when the Aussies got their asses whooped! woo hoo! On the personal front, I was involved in some exciting stuff. Hopefully things will just get bigger and better.

Any new year resolutions?
hmm.. I need to accomplish something to satisfy my ego. Yes, I do have a hugely neglected egoist curled up in some deep corner of my heart. And no, its not a 20 lpa job that I am looking for. I want something which will go down as a milestone in my life. Something which I can look back and reminisce fondly.

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And the most frequently asked question is *drumrolls*

When are your placements starting?
I've got some people asking me this question once every fortnight. And I have, kindly, told them repeatedly that it begins in March. Even my folks dont hound me like this! Next time I hear the question from any of you, I will have a simple two word answer - Fuck you. Of course, I'd tell it politely :) And stop linking it with recession. Its tiresome to answer it again and again. If you want a weekly update, use google!

Some of the questions mentioned above are the ones which I ask myself frequently. So technically, they still are FAQs! ;)

Have a great year. Peace out.

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