Sunday, January 15, 2006

Felicity '06

So.. finally.. after a brief hiatus I am back. But this time I have some hardcore reasons for my absence from the blogging circuit. And the main reason is Felicity '06.

For those who do not know, Felicity '06 is IIIT's technical cum cultural fest conducted every year in the first week of February. This time around, we have a much bigger and better show planned. Its going to be the place where the fun would never set. We are pretty much excited about it. Quite a number of companies have lined up to sponsor the major chunk of the felicity.
Well, I for one will be dealing with the Techfest newsletter with this guy. Also I have been roaming around quite a bit for sponsorships. Today was the first day though ;) Apart from that we hope to have an Apprentice-kinda event although nothing has been finalised. So I will be busy for some more days. Please do visit the website for more details. There are more fun, online events like the online treasure hunt (the prize-money is expected to be quite good) online quiz and stock market simualtion and of course a coding competition for the geeks who think they rule in programming concepts.

Moving on to a different issue, mom accompanied dad and me to the insti coz she had some work to attend in Lingampally. And because of the AICC (All India Congress Conference) session slated to be held next week, all the roads are being widened and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw lawns being laid out on the divider section. Tree saplings are being planted on either sides of the road.. So in short a major renovation is taking place all the way from the airport to Gachibowli, where our college is situated. Now mom was puzzled and she thought that all this was being done for our felicity.. :)) I could not control my laughter but then decided to play along. By then dad, who hardly lets an opportunity go by, pointed to a congress symbol and said that congress was sponsoring felicity. By then I could not stop giggling and told mom the truth, while she scowled and scolded dad. But seriously I wish that these conferences were held in every nook and corner of our country. At least then, the infrastructure in the country would improve. For starters, I hope they conduct one in Khairatabad, so that our street roads get widened.
Security has been heightened in the college. We are not allowed to stay in the labs past 12. And we are made to sign registers.. Seems as though Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi will be staying here in our college. Now thats bad news. Hope nothing like the IISc incident occurse here. So much for Sonia Gandhi. aarrgh..

And now for some news from the personal front. I have been getting quite a few calls from someone named Keshu. This thursday sometime around 8, I got a call from this guy and the conversation went something like this...
Him: Hellooo..
Me: Hello
Him: haan.. apun keshu bhai bolre la hai.. zara Rajat bhai ko phone de.
(My heart lept with joy when I heard the apna mumbayya hindi but I was kinda appalled by the usage of "bhai" and so decided to stay away from apun-ka-accent. Kaiku phukat mein bhai log ke lafde mein padna.. sahi baat hai naa.. )
Me: Bhaisaaheb, yahaan koi Rajat naam ke saajjan nahi rahte hain. Aapne galat number pe phone kiya hai. Bye.
Him: Chaayla.. teri tho.. galat number dial kiya saale ne..
*Me hangs up*

After 5 minutes again my mobile rings.. same number. toh apun phone uthaaya aur woich aadmi vaapis fone pe baat kar re la hai..
Him: Rajat bhai hai?? Apun Keshu bhai bol re laa hai.. Jamnagar se..
Me: Yeh Rajat bhai ka number nahi hai.. Yeh mera number hai.. Gokul naam hai mera..
Him: Abey chokre.. apun number theek tarah se ich dial kiya hai.. Apne ko mama bana re la hai kya? Kahaan hai tera Rajat bhai? bula use
Me:*sensing the tension, I replied in a diplomatic voice* mama?? mere khyaal se aapne number galat number note kiya hoga. Aap vaapis Rajat bhai se confirm kar li jiye. I am sure a mistake has occured at some instant.
Him: *maybe because of the last english sentence, he seemed to have calmed down* Haan.. ho sakta hai.. theek hai.. rakhta hoon.
I was relieved and then thanked god for giving me the presence of mind. Or it might be some kind of prank that ma friends might have played on me. They are a mischievous lot. Also my apologies to my readers who cant decipher the conversation written above coz me is not in a mood to translate. apna bheja ab bahut kirkiri kar re la hai. upar se agle hafte apni vaat lagne vaali hai.. boletho apun ka mid sem shuru hone waala hai.. One more reason if I dont update my blog.

Also am practising CS for the felicity competitions. Hope to perform decently. But then I could not bear cheesy screaming at da top of her voice.. isi liye update kar dala. ab koi jhanjhath nahi hai.. sab jaake aaram se soo jao.. comment karne ke baad.. varna keshu bhai ko phone daalunga.. aur tum sabko tapka daloonga.. kya?? Gokul bhai se panga nahi lene ka..

Quote of the day:

“If you don’t fail at least 90 percent of the time, you’re not aiming high enough.”
- Alan Kay
P.S: The felicity site is awesome.. Please do visit it. The url is


Friday, January 06, 2006

Mera apna humanoid

Pronunciation: 'hyü-m&-"noid, 'yü-
n. having human form or characteristics

Him: Excuse me sir, are you the optimist?
Me: Well, yes! I’m sorry, but do I know you?
Him: Greetings Master! I am Spawn 4.3 from 2016.
Me: What? I think you’ve got the wrong person. I don’t treat insanity coz I myself am suffering from it and no amount of optimism can save you from it. Also I'm an engineer, not a psychiatrist. *As if me being a psychiatrist would help*
Him: Master I come from the future. I am a humanoid built by you in 2016. I have been sent to 2006 to save humanity.
Me: *irritated*You think you are Arnold or something? And what’s with the master crap. Just cut it out.
Him: I was told that you won’t believe me. Take a look at this. *projects a holographic image*
Me: Whoa! What is that? Who is that? Is that.. is that.. *tries to delay the inevitable*
Him: Yes master. Its you. You look better with a clean shaven head. What do you think?
Me: Ewwwwwwww.. *pauses and thinks*Do you mean to tell me that you are from the future?
Him: Yes Master, 2016 to be precise. And all your near and dear ones are hale and hearty.
Me: Nice. 2016.. 10 years from now! *excited* BTW Spawn, am I married?
Him: Yes, master. And you have one son.
Me: Cool!! I have always wanted to have a son. *grins* Do I still blog? :-s
Him: Yes, master. For the next few days, Master asked you not to eat any junk food and take adequate water to keep the exponential growth of pimples under check. He says that if you don’t heed his advice, soon one could play “connect the dots” on your face.
Me: *angry* What?? Ok :( What else did I say?
Him: Master asked you not to attend the next SE class coz you would doze off in the class and your lecturer would catch you sleeping. And if he does, tell him that you have fever. He would not bother you.
Me: Hmm.. Thanks a lot. But that is a silly excuse. I would rather not attend the class. By the way you were talking about saving humanity. What was that all about?
Him: Master, the biggest threat to mankind in 2016 is..
Me: Terrorism, right?
Him: No master. Its Ekta Kapoor. She has started Kkekta TV, a 24-hour soap channel. As a result of which, the mankind is facing lots of difficulties. And that includes you. Your mother-in-law is an Ekta addict!! Hence I have been sent here with a mission: To prevent her from launching the channel.
Me: What?? Damn!! I thought Ekta was going down the drain what with the advent of reality shows and the recent slump in Kyunki.
Him: Master, you are mistaken. Everytime there was a slump in the ratings, Ekta registered a 20-year jump. Last heard, Tulsi was no more and now and then she gives a guest appearance as a spirit. It is reigning supreme at the TRP ratings.
Me: What?? A spirit?? *shakes head* Kabh sudharegi yeh Indian public..
Him: Master, Kkekta has become a global channel. A recent survey showed that 40% of the worlds population liked her serials. In fact France is going to make Hindi its official language this Monday.
Me: *shell-shocked*
Him: Now she’s a global celebrity. Last heard, Kkekta Channel was going to takeover STAR network. Also rumors say that she has signed Arnold to do her next teleserial “Kyunkii terminator bhi kkabhi governor tha”. Added to that, the Oscars have introduced..
Me: STOP IT!! I can’t take it anymore. Dont you have anything good to tell me? What’s with the world? Don’t they see the impending destruction? *regains composure* So how do you intend to stop her? Ouch.. don’t pinch me!

Suddenly I wake up to find myself in the SE class.

Freak: Dude, wake up, Sir has been watching you for quite some time.
Sir: That lean guy.. in blue T-shirt. Yes, you.
Me: Sir, me??
Sir: Yes!! You are the only lean guy. *class laughs while I shift weights from one leg to other uneasily* Yes.. silence. Why are you sleeping? Let me guess. You had been playing games till midnight yesterday, right?
Me: *cuts a sorry figure* Sir I have not been feeling well. I have been down with cold and fever for the past 2 days. *coughs and sniffs simultaneously*
Sir: *anger replaced by sympathy* Ooh.. you do look ill. Ok sit down. Try listening to the class. And also make it a point to visit the doctor before it gets more serious.
Freak: LOL! Dude, when did ya sleep last night?
Me: *sniggers* 4:00 in the morning. *goes back to sleep shamelessly*

Now was that a dream? Or was it some kind of apparition? I should have asked him about the result of the India-Pakistan series. DAMN!!

Quote of the day:
I don’t suffer from insanity.. I enjoy every moment of it.

P.S: Happy New Year to one and all.