Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wind of change..

The Scorpions. As I lay on my bed today at 3 in the morning, hoping that I somehow drift back to sleep, I heard this song. And then I realised that the same song was played on the Hyd-Mumbai flight. I just love it.. especially for the whistle at the start. That was how i knew it.. the whistle got stuck in my head. It's weird how I was able to recollect it. Anyways, I've decided to make a few changes in my life. I am going to put a full stop to all chatting. At least I am going to TRY.. :D

PS1: Its official people! I've finally fallen sick. #:-s
PS2: Lots of people got placed in CISCO. Congrats! :D
PS3: Congrats Sam! I am happy for ya.. :D
PS4: Life's started getting monotonous. It always starts with the customary I-am-bored scrap to IV.
PS5: Cant wait for IIFT and CAT results :D
PS6: Had a lengthy discussion at home, about my career in the software industry.

PS7: Love the "Still loving you" song by Scorpions. Have been experimenting a lot with music of late. Wonderful lyrics as well.. :)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The legend of the bespectacled frog

Move over lochness.. Big foot - my foot! Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for the one and only.. bespectacled frog. Yes. No? Ohh.. you guys do not know about the legend of the bespectacled frog. (Lets call it B.F henceforth) Neither did I, until a couple of weeks back when one of my friends made a passing mention of it. And then came the fateful day, when I went one-on-one against it and lived to tell the story.

It was a Wednesday. I was hastening towards the bathrooms after a tiring session of cricket and to my surprise 2 of the 3 bathrooms were occupied. (surprised because very few around here take bath often) Anyways, I was forced to take the bathroom #3, the one in the corner which no one uses anymore. Yes, some say its haunted by the spirit of the lizard which was killed in a freak accident 3 years ago. But a brave coward that I am, I decided to take bath in it, come what may.

So when I turned around after bolting the door, I was stunned. For there it stood.. err.. sat.. the bespectacled frog. (The name comes from its appearance for it looks as if its wearing spectacles) I was cornered in the bathroom but thankfully it didn't catch me with my towel down. But lets not get into the details now. Suddenly all those stories and tales about the exploits of the BF (which are usually told as part of the folklore) came back to me in a flash. I could hear my grandma repeating "I told you so" a number of times. And then ensued the usual staring contest at which I am pretty good. It was analyzing its prey and I was planning my next move.

And suddenly in a swift motion, I unbolted the door and made my escape. The BF was caught napping and I made it out of the bathroom alive. (Yes, I had the presence of mind to fasten my towel just in case it gets its hands on it. Alright. Legs. With webbed foot. Happy? Nitpicks!) But like any other 5 year old, I have a twisted mind of my own. So I just wanted to conduct a series of experiments on it. Lets call it research, shall we? After all I'm not a IIITian (read triple-Itian) for nothing. So I tested how the BF holds against a) cold water b) lukewarm water c) hot water. And I must say, true to its name and fame, it sat there undeterred. Or maybe its dead.. :-? Who cares!

*update* The BF is missing. Either it died fighting a valiant battle with the bathroom cleaners. Or it might be in your bathroom. Beware!

Quote of the day:
Good and evil both increase at compound interest.

PS1: Wrote this post last Wednesday. But due to PS (placement shit) couldn't complete the post.
PS2: mp3 of the week - "Feels like today" by Rascals Flatt
PS3: I hardly kicked IV on the joyous occasion of his birthday and he is already whining!
PS4: Spawn - still mighty video rocks! Especially the de_cbble defusion against NiP. SpawN is god! :D The wnv-king video is pretty decent as well.
PS5: Fell ill yesterday. Slept for 11 hours. And am still feeling sleepy. Body pains as well.. Feel lonely as well.. :-< :(
PS6: Contrary to popular beliefs, the book that I am reading right now - "Losing my virginity" by Richard Branson is not some kind of erotica. It is an autobiography of the founder of Virgin group of companies. Get your minds cleansed for heavens sake!
PS7: Why are our juniors so concerned about placements? More concerned than us!
PS8: Did I forget the I-hate-GAG PS? Here we go.. I hate GAG! x( How does he manage to get us into such trouble? :-L
PS9: Tipo, scrubs season 6 is here! Our days of jobless-ness are out of the window! :D
PS10: Heroes is taking a break for christmas. Tipo, our days of jobless-ness are here to stay :(
PS11: IV is not jobless. Neither is Halley. They just pretend to be jobless.
PS12: Manish got placed in yahoo. Congrats pinki :D And almost half of the ECE batch is placed. Congrats almost-half-of-the ECE-batch. That includes you too, P4. (Its like Swarley :D)
PS13: This is the end.


Saturday, December 09, 2006


Technically speaking, today was Day-1 of IIIT-H placement. Two more days like this, and I'll resign from the placement committee. To sum up the events of the day in one word, horrendous.

PS1: I did promise to post more often. But its not my fault. One post was abandoned because Firefox performed an illegal operation. Who says firefox rocks!? x( And the other was shelved because it was an all-whining post.
PS2: A bad week.. experienced the worst day in quite some time. And by quite some time I mean at least 2-3 years!
PS3: I hate GAG.
PS4: DE Shaw backed out at the last moment. It was paying 9.2 odd! x(
PS5: Going home. I promise to post more often.
PS6: Frustrated. Depressed. But going home! :D
PS7: Lotsa friends are falling ill. Get well soon, people! My best wishes for a speedy recovery.. :D
PS8: GAG called just now with list of short-listed students for Connexant. Time to get back to work! :-<
PS9: Before I forget, henceforth peesu shall be addressed as P4 - Portal Player Placement Peesu.